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performed plays by who until Elizabeth took the throne

Ralph Roister Doister

England's first comedy


an English tradgedy


loved the theatre

the theatre

the first public playhouse to be erected during this time

James Burbage

The theatre was constructed by who

Wooden O's

theatres were round or octagonal with two or three tiers of thatched roof gallleries surrounding an open court on three sides

tiring house

backstage wher the actors changed


what told if a comedy or drama was going to take place


black flag


white flag

the pit

around the platform where the tradesmen, soldiers, apprentices, and servants paid a penny and stood in the place around the platform

the gallery

where the lords and ladies paid more and had seats in the balcony

a love of poetry

their taste included


there was no

historical accuracy

little attempt being made toward


actors were all

Richard Burbage

actor whoplayed many Shakespearian tragic figures including Hamlet, Othello, Richard III, and King Lear

Edward Alleyn

acted tragedies by Marlow and others

William Kemp

protrayed Shakespeare's great comic parts

Christopher Marlowe

graduated from cambridge but refused his masters until Queen elizabeth interviewed and allowed him his degree. Dr Faustaus was one of his plays

blank verse

Marlowe perfected

Ben Johnson

a classsical writer many musicals he directed


great extravaganzas of song dance and recitaton

William Shakespeare

the greatest of all English dramatists


Shakespeare was born in

grammar school

was Shakespeare's only education

wife and 3 children

Shakespeare left who to pursue his writing career

coat of arms

Queen Elizabeth granted Shakespeare a

plot and character

Shakespeares skill of balancing what


Shakespeare's ideas


shakespeare had a majestic use of what


shakespeare's great portrayal of what that live in our memories

all the worlds a stage

quote by shakespeare


who closed down the theatre in 1642


who was beheades which caused the Puritan's to take over

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