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Office Fundamentals Multiple Choice

The recent Document list:
Shows documents that have been previously opened
Which of the following Windows Explorer Features collects related data from folders and gives them a single name?
When you want to copy the format of a selection, but not the content:
Click Format Painter in the the Clipboard group
Which of the following is not an object that can be inserted in an Office document?
Paragraph box
What does a red wavy underline in a document, spreadsheet, or presentation mean?
A word is misspelled or not recognized by the Office dictionary
When you close a file:
You are prompted to save the file (unless you have made no changes since last saving it)
Live Preview:
Provides a preview of the results of a choice you are considering before you make a final selection
You can get help when working with an Office application in which one of the following areas?
The Backstage view
The FInd and Replace feature enables you to do which of the following?
Find any character string and replace it with another
A document or worksheet printed in potrait orientation is:
Taller than it is wide