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Catlin, 1830s
-"Invented" our perceptions of the Indians
-tried to document them in similar manner as Las Casas
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1900s-1970s (made it almost every day) -drew with saliva and spit -born deaf -like utterances, child-like and simplified -artistic representation vs. historical accuracy -captures retired, sleepiness of world -irreducibleJames CastleRichard Avedon's "Portraits in the West" series, 1980s -originally fashion photographer -abstracted from place (white background) -very direct/intense gaze typical of Westerner -range of subjects (oil riggers, farmers, secretaries, migrant workers, etc.) -Catlin like? -politics of representation --> is it a 'fashion' of povertyRichard Avedon, bee portrait of Fischer -Buddha like patience and suffering -somewhat exploitative -agressive, direct gazeRichard Misrach, Salton Sea series, 1980s -photographed 'ghost towns' around Salton Sea -exposed the ecological disaster -portrayed as a land LOST, solitary -weird mix of serenity and pessimismDorothea Lange's Lake Berryessa series, 1960s -took photos of valley before filled up as a dam -preserving the nostalgia/history -empathetic, photographing the wronged -brings sense of history, opposing progress -sentimental respectLake BerryessaBierstadt, "Sierra" 1850s (also Mt. Rosalie painting) -boom and bust himself, by 1870s lost his $$$ -panoramic, but extreme detail -heavy romanization/heavenly view of nature ('boom' of the land) -safe vs unsafe imagination -perhaps influenced by Ludlow's drug use

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