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What is the first step in planning an effective worksheet?

State the purpose of the worksheet

What Excel interface item is not displayed until you start typing or editing data in a cell?


Give the formula =B1*B2+B3/B4^2 where B1 contains 3, B2 contains 4, contains 32, and B4 contains 4, what is the result?


Why would you press Ctrl+` in Excel?

To display cell formulas

Which of the follwoing is a nonadjacent range?

A1:A10, D1:D10

If you want to balance a title over several columns, what do you do?

Merge and center the data over all columns

Which of the following characteristics is not applicable to the Accounting Number format?

Dollar sign immediately on the left side of the value

If you want to see a preview of how a worksheet will appear on a hard copy, what do you do?

Click the File tab, and then click Print

Assume that the data on a worksheet consume a whole printed page and a couple of columns on a second page. you can do all of the following except what to force the data to print all on one page

Increase the left and right margins

What should you do do if you see a column of pound signs (####) instead of values or results of formulas?

Increase the column width

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