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Which sequence represents the hierarchy of terms, from smallest to largest?

Field, record, table, database

You perfrom several edits in a table within an Access database. When should you execute the Save command?

Recrods are saved automatically; the save command is not required

You have opened an Access file. The left pane displays a table with forms, queries, and reports listed below a table name. Then another table and its objects display. You notice some of the object names are repaed under different tables. Why?

The Naviagation Pane has been set to Tables and Related Views

Which of the following is not true of an Access Database?

Every table in a a database contains the same number of records as every other table

Which of the following is true regarding the record selector box?

A gold border surrounds the active record

You have finished an Access asignment and your instructor wants you to turn it in. It has more than doubled in its original size. What should you do?

Compact and repair the database file prior to transmitting it to the instructor

Which of the following will be accepted as valid during data entry?

Entering numbers into a text field

Which of the following conditions is available through Filter by Selection?

An Equals condition

You open an Access form and use it to update an address for customer Lee Fong. After closing the form, you later open a report that generates mailing labels. What will the address labe for Lee Fong show?

The new address

You are looking at an employees table in Datasheet view. You want the names sorted alphabetically by last name and then by first name--for example, Smith, Andrea, is listed before Smith, William. To accomplish this, you must:

First sort according on first name and then on last name

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