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Powerpoint 2010 Multiple Choice

Which of the following print methods would you use for a large detailed table in your presentation?
Full Page Slider
While displaying a slide show, which of the following will display a list of shortcuts for navigating?
Powerpoint's predefined slide arrangements are:
Slide layouts
To add an object such as clip art to a slide, use the ______ tab.
Which of the following is a true statement regarding themes?
The theme can be changed after all of the slides have been created
Which of the following vies is best for reordering the slides in a presentation?
Slide Sorter View
Normal view contains which of the following components?
Slides and Outline tabs pane, Slide pane, and Notes pane
Which of the following in the animation effect that controls how once slide changes to another slide?
Which of the following cannot be used to focus audience attention on a specific object on a slide during a slideshow?
Apply a transition to the effect
Which of the following bullet points concerning content development is not at active voice and is not parallel to the other bullets?
Storyboards are used to sketch our thoughts.