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  1. Babylonian
  2. Monotheistic
  3. Scribe Groups JEDP
  4. Boorstin
  5. Geographic Luck
  1. a Conquered Akkads. Were first the Amorites, but when they took over, they named their capital Babylon, and were known as such. They were led by Hammurabi, who made the famous code of laws.
  2. b A religion that believes in only one god.
  3. c The idea that there were 4 groups of scribes that wrote the bible over a long period of time. (list the name of the groups in order)
  4. d The idea by Jared Diamond that states that a culture's influence\power is determined by their geography.
  5. e History is random and unpredictable. Ex: Random person in Belgium made first military telescope, Galileo looked at stars with telescope, church made calendar with telescope (totally random), etc.

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  1. Conquered Babylonians. Were very militaristic, and used terror to rule. They tried and failed to conquer several times before acquiring a great empire. They greatly advanced math, science, and medicine. They were led by Tiglath Pilesser III, who introduced the first standing army.
  2. The first phoenician city, it was an important port and had a little bit of everything.
  3. How civilizations respond to crises shape history. Ex. Native Americans, 9-11, etc.
  4. Was first developed by the Sumerians, but the Phoenicians made their own that soon became the main currency.
  5. A religious shrine that was in the center point of the city, kept growing in competition with others.

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  1. AustralopithecusThe first human ancestor. Was first bipedal animal. Evolved into Paranthropus Boisiei and Homo Habilis


  2. HebrewA fertility goddess that the Israelites continued to worship even though they supposedly only believed in YHWH. Many figurines of her were found, however it seems that all worship of her stopped at around 500 BC, the time of the Neo-Babylonian exile.


  3. Fringe CivilizationBy being a part of a culture, one learns its customs.


  4. Iron came first from the Hittites, and its main benefit was that it enable chariots.Say how iron came to Mesopotamia and some of the things it did.


  5. AshurA Canaan city with signs of destruction that probably originated from the Israelite uprising. It includes destroyed idols and buildings that belonged to the upper class.