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  1. Turner
  2. YHWH (pronounced Yahweh)
  3. Irrigation
  4. Neo-Babylonians
  5. Bias, Expertise, Incomplete records, Selection, Presentation
  1. a The holy name of god as said in the Hebrew bible.
  2. b Geography gives people advantages, and this creates history. Ex: Sea Islands sought for naval powers, High mountains best for fending attacks, etc.
  3. c When a village would dig channels from the river to the planting fields in such a way that when the river flooded each year, the channels filled with water, giving the plants water.
  4. d Conquered the Assyrians. Second wave of Babyolonian rule. They were led by Nebuchadnezzar II, who diffused culture, causing a golden age.
  5. e List the 6 challenges historians face.

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  1. The taking care of wild roots and plants so that they may be harvested. A predecessor of agriculture.
  2. The bilblical story that tells of how the Israelites left Egypt in a huge migration led by Moses, (according to archaeology) is probably an exaggerated tale of a smaller group of slaves that escaped to Israel, bringing with them news of the god, YHWH.
  3. A large palace that supposedly housed David the King and his family. A part of this structure was dug up near Jerusalem, but there is some controversy over the correct date of the structure.
  4. A very important Phoenician port.
  5. The society that formed on the shore of the Mediterranean and established itself through trade. This society traded from its seemingly endless supply of cedar trees, and also made boats form these cedars, increasing their trade capacity. Eventually this society treaded raw goods for finished products, and as they became excellent craftsmen, they were able to sell for more.

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  1. AurignaciansA nomadic society that became the best land-based traders. Their language became the lingua franca


  2. HaazorA Canaan city with signs of destruction that probably originated from the Israelite uprising. It includes destroyed idols and buildings that belonged to the upper class.


  3. Specialization\Division of LaborA civilization that forms and grows by living on the fertile flood plain of a river.


  4. ArchaeologyStudy of old things; The systematic, scientific recovery/analysis of artifacts.


  5. SolomonA challenge of historians; Choosing what to record, not everything can be recorded. Leads to an incomplete view.


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