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  1. Ziggurat
  2. Neolithic Era
  3. Advancement of Language
  4. Flood Plain Civilization
  5. Gilgamesh
  1. a The era of farming and staying in towns. Main food source was crops, and diet was mainly starch.
  2. b A religious shrine that was in the center point of the city, kept growing in competition with others.
  3. c The advancement of language is as follows: 1. Trade records: pictures of products and tick marks. 2. Pictograph: More advanced pictures. 3. Syllabic: Pictures are associated with sounds, such as "we". 4. Alphabet: Pictures associated with single sounds, like "w".
  4. d A civilization that forms and grows by living on the fertile flood plain of a river.
  5. e The leader of Sumer, was part of an epic. Was great because he peacefully united all the city-states into Sumeria.

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  1. Leader of Akkadians, first to rule over an empire, setting the trend for others.
  2. Belief in gods\higher beings.
  3. A biblical prophet that supposedly took Canaan over in a military blitzkreig fashion. There is little archaeological evidence to support this however, and it is probable that Canaan was actually overthrown from within.
  4. A common way of dating using pottery and relative dating. This is a common way of dating because pottery is always found with civilization, and is easy to find, as it rises to the top of the ground. It is dating by looking at the pottery style and relating it with pottery of similar style and a definite date.
  5. Natural items left behind. (seeds, bones, etc.)

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  1. Standing ArmyThis first developed under Sargon I, and it allowed cultures to take over others more quickly and easily.


  2. ExpertiseA challenge of historians; Since it is not possible to know EVERYTHING about a subject, it is impossible to know the entire truth.


  3. FeaturesThe Phoenicians built these out of cedar to enable large amounts of trading over seas.


  4. PatriarchyWhen a society favors female power.


  5. Incomplete KnowledgeA challenge of historians; Records of history that are lost. (Ex. Library of Alexandria burned, volumes of info lost)


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