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  1. Hammurabi's Code of Laws
  2. Shamanism\Animism
  3. 3-Age Theory
  4. Solomon
  5. House of David
  1. a Theory by Christian Thompson, based on superposition, that there were three ages, in this order: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.
  2. b A large palace that supposedly housed David the King and his family. A part of this structure was dug up near Jerusalem, but there is some controversy over the correct date of the structure.
  3. c The oldest intact and complete code. It was based off of, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" meaning the punishment fit the crime. Very important. Very.
  4. d The unorganized religion that revolved around beliefs in spirits and such. It was mediated by the shaman.
  5. e The second king of Israel, David's son. He built 6-chambered gates on many of his cities, he built a temple to YHWH, and he generally lived a good reign.

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  1. A way of life that involved being nomadic, but living off of domesticated animals. The people went where the animals needed to go.
  2. A civilization that forms on the edges of already existing civilization, though it has its own culture and beliefs it is affected by those of the neighboring civilizations.
  3. A challenge of historians; Choosing what to record, not everything can be recorded. Leads to an incomplete view.
  4. Clay figurines made by the Gravettians to worship the Mother Goddess, a fertility goddess. The first sign of belief in gods.
  5. When the Neo-Babylonians came to power, they did this to the Hebrews, destroying Jerusalem in the process. This united the Hebrews however, and caused them to stop worshiping Asherah and finish the Bible.

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  1. ToynbeeHow civilizations respond to crises shape history. Ex. Native Americans, 9-11, etc.


  2. DarwinSurvival of the fittest. The most adaptable and fit people will survive and create history. Ex: Africans enslaved because "not fit", etc.


  3. Lingua FrancaAfter Gravettians. Lived in an ice age, and became Natufians when it receded. Had bone spears and harpoons. Advanced culture. Made sculptures and figurines. Advanced art.


  4. 1,000 B.C.Population SpreadParts of culture that are directly taught to you.


  5. AbrahamA biblical prophet born in the city of Ur that supposedly was told by god to begin monotheistic religion.