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  1. Radicals
  2. Paranthropus Boisiei
  3. The Neo-babylonian and Chaldaean Attack
  4. Magdaleans
  5. Nebuchadnezzar
  1. a Winners write history. Ex: WWII where U.S. wrote books about evilness of Germany, etc.
  2. b Leader of Neo-Babylon, diffused culture to everyone, causing a golden age.
  3. c Evolved from Australopithecus. Was an herbivore that ate roots and lived rather well for its time period, however it died out because a climate change occurred, and it was not adaptable enough.
  4. d The attack on Assyria that utterly destroyed it, preventing them from expanding again.
  5. e After Gravettians. Lived in an ice age, and became Natufians when it receded. Had bone spears and harpoons. Advanced culture. Made sculptures and figurines. Advanced art.

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  1. A theory that humankind evolved and progressed with great leaps. Examples include the finding of fire and tools.
  2. A fringe civilization that formed at the junction of Phoenicia and Mesopotamia. Made a system of taxation on whoever passed by that allowed them to prosper.
  3. The oldest intact and complete code. It was based off of, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" meaning the punishment fit the crime. Very important. Very.
  4. The society that formed on the shore of the Mediterranean and established itself through trade. This society traded from its seemingly endless supply of cedar trees, and also made boats form these cedars, increasing their trade capacity. Eventually this society treaded raw goods for finished products, and as they became excellent craftsmen, they were able to sell for more.
  5. Written or printed documents.

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  1. ByblosThe first phoenician city, it was an important port and had a little bit of everything.


  2. Bias, Expertise, Incomplete records, Selection, PresentationList the 6 challenges historians face.


  3. Hanging GardensFirst modern humans. Had stone tools and jewelry. They probably believed in multiple worlds, but had no organized religion. Had cave art. First to believe in Shamanism.


  4. Achulean ToolsA nomadic society that became the best land-based traders. Their language became the lingua franca


  5. AnthropologyStudy of people and culture.