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  1. Idol
  2. Boorstin
  3. Patriarchy
  4. Arameans
  5. Cuneiform
  1. a When a society favors male power.
  2. b History is random and unpredictable. Ex: Random person in Belgium made first military telescope, Galileo looked at stars with telescope, church made calendar with telescope (totally random), etc.
  3. c A (usually clay) figure depicting a god that was worshipped in polytheistic religions.
  4. d A nomadic society that became the best land-based traders. Their language became the lingua franca
  5. e The form of writing introduced by Sumerians used in old world. It was a syllabic way of writing, and was written on clay tablets.

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  1. The society that formed on the shore of the Mediterranean and established itself through trade. This society traded from its seemingly endless supply of cedar trees, and also made boats form these cedars, increasing their trade capacity. Eventually this society treaded raw goods for finished products, and as they became excellent craftsmen, they were able to sell for more.
  2. Theory by Christian Thompson, based on superposition, that there were three ages, in this order: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age.
  3. A type of paper made out of reeds that was usually made in Egypt and traded.
  4. When the Neo-Babylonians came to power, they did this to the Hebrews, destroying Jerusalem in the process. This united the Hebrews however, and caused them to stop worshiping Asherah and finish the Bible.
  5. First modern humans. Had stone tools and jewelry. They probably believed in multiple worlds, but had no organized religion. Had cave art. First to believe in Shamanism.

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  1. Neolithic EraThe era where hunting was the main food source of humans. It lasted until the Gravettians, and the main part of one's diet was protein.


  2. Frames of ReferenceHow your background influences your beliefs, judgment, morals, ethics, etc.


  3. Incomplete RecordsWritten or printed documents.


  4. PastoralismA way of life that involved being nomadic, but living off of domesticated animals. The people went where the animals needed to go.


  5. ImaginationWhen a society favors female power.