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surveys show that US adults' average intake of fat as a percentage of total energy intake is


the average daily cholesterol intake of US women is about

235 mg

studies show that a 1% increase in dietary saturated fatty acids will raise the risk of heart disease by what percent


even in people with normal blood pressure, what percent are salt sensitive


which ethnic group has the lowest risk for type 2 diabetes


what percentage of people with type 2 diabetes are obese

80% - 90%

what is the range of body fat content for normal weight men

13% - 21%

what is the range of body fat content for normal weight women

23% - 31%

at any given time, approximately what percentage of all US adults are attempting to lose weight


in a person with a BMI of 50, what minimum number of pounds must be lost to obtain a measured improvement in glucose, blood lipids, and blood pressure

10-20 pounds

approximately what percentage of overweight people who intentionally lose weight are able to maintain the weight loss for at least one year


the risks for dying prematurely are doubled when the body mass index first rises above

35 kg/m2

the yearly death toll in the US from obesity related diseases is about


approximately what percentage of US adults are classified as underweight


among people with anorexia nervousa, approximately what percentage are males


approximately what percentage of the US population takes multinutrient supplements regularly


for every man who has type 1 osteoporosis, how many women have it


the incidence of death within 1 year of sustaining a hip fracture is about


what percentage of US adults live a completely sedentary lifestyle


if the worlds production of food energy were equally distributed among the world's population approximately how many calories per day would be available to each person

2720 kcals

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