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  1. Public Service Advertisements (PSAs)
  2. Merchandise Agents or Brokers
  3. Limited Service Agency
  4. Full-Service Agency
  5. Inventory Control
  1. a An agency that provides most or all of the services needed to mount a campaign, including research, creation of ad copy and art, media selection, and production of the final message
  2. b Channel intermediaries that provide services in exchange for commission but never take title to the product
  3. c Advertising run by media without charge for not-for-profit organizations or to champion a particular cause
  4. d An agency that provides one or more specialized services, such as media buying or creative development
  5. e Activities to ensure that goods are always available to meet customer's demands

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  1. The part in the selling process in which the salesperson directly communicates the value proposition to the customer and invites two-way communication
  2. Internet advertising in the form of rectangular graphics at the top or bottom of web pages
  3. Unpaid communication about an organization that appears in the mass media
  4. The communication in physical form that goes from a sender to a receiver
  5. A system in which a master distributor recruits other people to become distributors, sells the company's product to the recruits, and receives and commission on all the merchandise sold by the recruits

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  1. CatalogThe stage in the selling process in which the salesperson actually asks the customer to buy the product


  2. Horizontal Marketing SystemA channel of distribution in which there is formal cooperation among members at the manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing levels


  3. Trade PromotionPromotions that focus on members of the trade, which include distribution channel members, such as retail salespeople or wholesale distributor's, that a firm must work with in order to sell its product


  4. Corrective AdvertisingA type of public service advertising an organization provides that seeks to influence public opinion on an issue because it has some stake in the outcome


  5. ApproachThe first step of the actual sales presentation in which the salesperson tries to learn more about the customers needs, create a good impression and build a good rapport