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  1. Merchandise Breath
  2. Promotion
  3. Public Service Advertisements (PSAs)
  4. Direct Selling
  5. Word of Mouth (WOM)
  1. a Coordination of a marketer's communication efforts to influence attitudes or behavior
  2. b An interactive sales process in which a salesperson presents a product to one person or a group, takes orders, and delivers the merchandise
  3. c The number of different product lines available
  4. d Advertising run by media without charge for not-for-profit organizations or to champion a particular cause
  5. e Consumers provide information about a product to other consumers

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  1. The communication in physical form that goes from a sender to a receiver
  2. Programs designed to build interest in or encourage purchase of a product during a specific period
  3. Marketing in which the firm ambushes the consumer with promotion content in places they are not expecting to encounter this kind of activity
  4. The plan that specifies that exact media to use and when to use it
  5. The process of designing, managing, and improving the movement of products through the supply chain. Includes purchasing, manufacturing, storage and transport.

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  1. Communication ModelThe communication goals of attention, interest, desire, and action


  2. Order GetterA salesperson who works to develop long-term relationships with particular customers or to get new sales


  3. InfomercialsHalf-hour of hour-long commercials that resemble a talk show but actually are sales pitches


  4. Branded EntertainmentA form of advertising in which marketers integrate products into entertainment venues


  5. Corrective AdvertisingAn advertising message that promotes the activities, personality, or point of view of an organization or company


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