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  1. Advertising Exposure
  2. Approach
  3. Public Service Advertisements (PSAs)
  4. Direct Mail
  5. Channel Levels
  1. a The first step of the actual sales presentation in which the salesperson tries to learn more about the customers needs, create a good impression and build a good rapport
  2. b A brochure or pamphlet that offers a specific good or service at one point in time
  3. c The degree to which the target market will see an advertising message placed in a specific vehicle
  4. d The number of distinct categories of intermediaries that populate a channel of distribution
  5. e Advertising run by media without charge for not-for-profit organizations or to champion a particular cause

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  1. Allocation of the promotional budged based on identifying promotion goals and allocating enough money to accomplish them
  2. A sales technique that relies heavily on people getting caught up in the group spirit, buying things they would not normally
  3. To accept legal ownership of a product and assume the accompanying rights and responsibilities of ownership
  4. A promotional budgeting method in which an organization first defines the specific communication goals it hopes to achieve and then tries to calculate what kind of promotional efforts it will take to meet these goals
  5. A sales person whose primary function is to facilitate transactions that the customer initiates

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  1. Off-Price RetailersRetailers that buy excess merchandise from well-known manufacturers and pass the savings onto the customers


  2. Merchant WholesalersThe number of different product lines available


  3. Product AdvertisingAn advertising message that focuses on a specific good or service


  4. Branded EntertainmentA form of advertising in which marketers integrate products into entertainment venues


  5. SponsorshipPR activities through which companies provide financial support to help fund an event in return for publicized recognition of the companies contribution