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  1. Product/Brand Placement
  2. Competitive-Parity Method
  3. Shrinkage
  4. Slotting Allowance
  5. Merchandise Depth
  1. a A promotion budgeting method in which an organization matches whatever competitors are spending
  2. b Marketing communication activity in which companies have their products embedded in movies, TV shows, and other entertainment vehicles
  3. c The variety of choices available for each specific product line
  4. d Loses experienced by retailers due to shoplifting, employee theft, and damage to merchandise
  5. e A fee paid in exchange for agreeing to place a manufacturer's product on a retailer's valuable shelf space

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  1. Communication function that seeks to build good relationships with an organization's publics, including consumers, stockholders, and legislators
  2. Selling a product only through a single outlet in a particular region
  3. A form of personal selling selling that focuses on making an immediate sale with little or no attempt to develop a relationship with the customer
  4. The process is translating an idea into a form of communication that will convey meaning
  5. A form of personal selling that involves securing , developing, and maintaining long-term relationships with profitable customers

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  1. Experiential ShoppersRetailers that sell a broad range of items and offer a good selection within each product line


  2. Direct-response AdvertisingAn advertising message that promotes the activities, personality, or point of view of an organization or company


  3. RetailingThe final stop in the distribution channel in which organizations sell goods and services to consumers for their personal use


  4. Public Relations CampaignThe activities that move finished goods from manufacturers to the final customers, including order processing, warehousing, materials handling, transport and inventory control


  5. Take TitleThe best place and time to reach a person in the target market group