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  1. Banners
  2. Advertising Appeal
  3. Push Strategy
  4. Merchandising Allowance
  5. Slotting Allowance
  1. a The company tries to move its products through the channel by convincing channel members to offer them
  2. b A fee paid in exchange for agreeing to place a manufacturer's product on a retailer's valuable shelf space
  3. c Internet advertising in the form of rectangular graphics at the top or bottom of web pages
  4. d The central idea or theme of an advertising message
  5. e Reimburses the retailer for in-store support of the product

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  1. Discount retailers that charge a modest membership fee to consumers who buy a broad assortment of food and nonfood items in bulk and in a warehouse environment
  2. Advertising run by media without charge for not-for-profit organizations or to champion a particular cause
  3. Programs designed to build interest in or encourage purchase of a product during a specific period
  4. The online consumer generated comments, opinions, and product related stories available to other consumers through digital technology
  5. A coordinated effort to communicate with one or more of the forms publics

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  1. ImpressionsA practice in which a company contracts with a specialist firm to handle all or part of its supply chain operations


  2. DecodingA research method which seeks to minimize mistakes by getting consumer reactions to ad messages before they appear in the media


  3. Value chainA series of activities involved in designing, producing, marketing, delivering, and supporting any product. Each link in the chain has the potential to either ass or remove value from the product the customer eventually buys.


  4. Follow-upActivities after the sale that provide important services to customers


  5. Direct-response AdvertisingA direct marketing approach that allows the customer to respond to a message by immediately contacting the provider to ask immediate questions or order the product