7th science chapter 2


Terms in this set (...)

it was created more recently-nb13
how is the domain rank different from other ranks
an electron beam creates and image - nb 16
how does magnification occur in an electron microscope
all living things are divided by
place the following fungal features in order from largest to smallest a)nucleus b)hypha c)mycellium
are often quite different from each other-pp67
cells in many celled organisms a)all look the same b)are the same size in every part of the organism c) are often quite different from each other d)all have the same structure
protist and plants - pp 48
which kingdoms include both uni and multi-cellular organisms
each convex lens bends light to make the object appear larger - pp 55
how does the lens of a light microscope work
they use pseudopods-nb19
how does an amoeba move
what is the total magnification of a microscoe with 12 senses when one lins has a magnification of5, and the other lens has a magnification of 30 a)45 b)30 c)150 d)450
many celled - pp 34
specialized cells are found only in ____
he was the best microscope-maker of his time - nb16
why is anton van leeuwenhoek considered the father of microscopy
their ability to make food - pp 47
one characteristic used to place organisms into kingdoms is
F - chloroplast - pp 64
t/f=organelles that use energy from sunlight to produce food are called MITOCHONDRIA
F - life - pp 47
t/f=archaea and bacteria are 2 domains of EUKARYOTES
protist - pp 48
the _____________ kingdom is the only kingdom of eukaryotes that contains both autotrophs and heterotrophs and both unicellular and multicellular organisms
species - pp 45
each genus of organisms contains one or more _________________
same domain/have nuclei-pp 48
in what two ways are the organisms in the animal kingdom similiar to organisms in the plant kingdom
heterothrophs and multicellular-pp49
based on their kingdoms, what are shared characteristics of the organisms in the table
domain - pp 46
in the modern classification system used by biologists, the broadest level is called a ___________