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  1. Mass Transit
  2. patronage
  3. land grants
  4. graduated income tax
  5. nomads
  1. a the business given to a commercial establishment by its customers
  2. b land subsidies granted to railroad companies to encourage construction of rail lines to the West
  3. c people with no permanent home; move from place to place in search of food,
  4. d Transportation system designed to move large numbers of people along fixed routes
  5. e tax on earnings that charges different rates for different income levels

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  1. (GC), considered the "Father" of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (more commonly known as "The Grange"). a fraternal organization for American farmers that encouraged farm families to band together for their common economic and political good.
  2. United States writer of romantic novels about the unjust treatment of Native Americans (1830-1885)
  3. He wrote Progress and Poverty in 1879, which made him famous as an opponent of the evils of modern capitalism.
  4. an island in New York Bay that was formerly the principal immigration station for the United States
  5. Strike where railway workers had 10% of their wages cut, in the midst of a depression, and refused to work. President Rutherford B. Hayes sent in federal troops and forced employees to begin working again.

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  1. Fetterman's MassacreSociologist who attacked social Darwinism in his book, Dynamic Sociology.


  2. SETTLEMENT HOUSEInstitution located in a poor neighborhood that provided numerous community services such as medical care, child care, libraries, and classes in English


  3. George A. Custeru.s general commanded his army at battle of little big horn. he was killed


  4. Roscoe ConklingIrish immigrant who rose to become one of New York's most powerful party bosses


  5. BLACK AND TANSa political organization within the Democratic Party in New York city (late 1800's and early 1900's) seeking political control by corruption and bossism