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Two-view chest x-ray film, frontal and lateral.

CPT Code: ________.


EXAMINATION OF: Retroperitoneal sonogram, kidneys

CLINICAL SYMPTOMS: Elevated creatinine
CPT CODE:___________.


The procedure is a percutaneous transhepatic dilation of biliary duct stricture with or without placement of a stent. How would the radiological supervision and interpretation be coded?


Chest x-ray, two views, frontal and lateral, with fluoroscopy.

CPT Code: ________.


Cardiac blood pool imaging, first pass technique, multiple studies, with stress, with wall motion study plus ejection fraction without quantification.

CPT Code: ________.


CT scan of brain without contrast medium enhancement.

CPT Code: ________.


Supervision and interpretation of a hysterosalpingography.

CPT Code: ________.


Echoencephalography, B-scan, and/or real time with image documentation, including A-mode encephalography as a secondary component where indicated.

CPT Code: ________.


The phrase "with contrast" represents contrast material administered intravascularly, intra-articularly, or intrathecally.


Parathyroid imaging.

CPT Code: ________.


What is the modifier used to identify the technical component of a radiologic procedure?


Liver imaging with vascular flow.

CPT Code: ________.


X-rays, two views per side, mastoids.

CPT Code: ________.


Real-time chest ultrasound, including mediastinum.

CPT Code: ________.


Complete abdominal ultrasound using real time with image documentation.

CPT Code: ________.


The divisions of the Radiation Oncology section of the CPT manual are divided into subsections based on what?

Type of Service

________ means lying down


Codes 76801 and 76802 include determination of the number of gestational sacs and fetuses, gestational sac/fetal measurements appropriate for gestation <14 weeks 0 days, and:

All of The Above

KUB stands for ________.

Kidney, ureter, and bladder

Radiation oncology codes include normal follow-up care during the course of treatment and ________ following its completion.

includes 3-month global period

Vitamin B12 absorption study with intrinsic factor.

CPT Code: ________.


There are four subheadings in the Radiology section.


Magnetic resonance angiography of chest without contrast medium enhancement.

CPT Code: ________.


Saline infusion sonohysterography with color-flow Doppler. (Report only the radiographic portion of the service.)

CPT Code: ________.


Cerebrospinal fluid leakage detection and localization.

CPT Code: ________.


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