35 terms

Latin Final 2011

my fault
mea culpa
it does not follow; it is not logical
non sequitur
peace be with you
pax vobiscem
beware of the dog
cave canem
for the public good
pro bono publico (pro bono)
always ready
semper paratus
course of life (a resume)
curriculum vitae (vitae)
friend of the court
amicus curiae
before the war
ante bellum
in the whole
in toto
on the first appearance
prima facie
second self
alter ego
let the buyer beware
caveat emptor
under the rosebush (in secret)
sub rosa
The famer was working on the farm.
agricola in fundo laborabat.
The slaves were writing long letters.
servi epistulas longas scribebant.
Philus is able to count the money.
Philus pecuniam numerare potest.
Salvius is the master. Salvius wants to inspect the slaves and the farm.
Salvius est dominus. Salvius servos et fundum inspicere vult.
The slaves are not satisfied. The slaves do not want to remain in the house.
servi contenti non sunt. servi in villa manere nolunt.
It is difficult for Cogidubnus to hurry, because he is an old man.
difficule est Cogidubnoo festinarre, quod senex est.
We do not want to see the show.
spectaculum videre nolumus.
I do not want to remain in the house.
in villa manere nolo.
Julius Caesar; 55 B.C.
Who was the first Roman general to lead his troops into Britain? When did he do this?
Gnaeus Julius Agricola
Who was Britain's most famous Roman Governor?
Towns were laid out and built on a Roman style grid system and centered about a forum.
In what way did Roman occupation affect British architecture and city design?
Latin became the main language of official business, law, and commerce.
In what way did Roman influence affect law and commerce in Britain?
Nearly 400 years
For how long did the British live under Roman rule?
The replacement of round huts by rectangular buildings by using Roman tools. They also used new materials such as brick and tile.
Give one sign of Roman influence on the Britons.
Name one food Romans introduced to Britain.
They built a road through their sacred land.
What was one example of how the Romans manifested the belief that their culture was superior to that of the Celts?
granary, pieces of metal, and a helmet
In excavations at Fishbourne, what 3 things have been found that date back to the time of the Roman invasion?
to make Roman more modern
What was the goal in the construction of Fishbourne palace?
Singular: Plural:
Nominative: a ae
Dative: ae as
Accusative: am as
Ablative: a is
1st Declension Case Endings
Singular: Plural:
Nominative: us i
Dative: o is
Accusative: um os
Ablative: o is
2nd Declension Case Endings
Singular: Plural:
Nominative: * es
Dative: i ibus
Accusative: em es
Ablative: e ibus
3rd Declension Case Endings