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Wheelock's Latin

libellus, -ī

little book

quī, quae, quod

who; which; what; that

caecus, -a, -um


levis, leve

light; easy; slight; trivial






also; too

admittō, admittere, admīsī, admissum

to admis; to recieve; to let in

coepī, coepisse, coeptum


cupiō, cupere, cupīvī, cupītum

to desire; to wish; to long for

dēleō, dēlēre, dēlēvī, dēlētum

to destroy; to wife out; to erase

dēsīderō, desidare, desidavī, desidatum

to desire; to long for; to miss

incipiō; incipere; incēpī, inceptum

to begin

nāvigō, navigare, naviavī, navigatum

to sail; to navigate

neglegō, neglegere, neglēxī, neglēctum

to neglect; to disregard

recitō, recitare, recitavī, recitatum

to read aloud; to recite

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