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Name the four Presidents that feature on Mount Rushmore?
Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington & Theodore Roosevelt
Which monarch died after falling from his horse Sorrel?
William III
Which German valley was flooded by the actions of the Dambusters in World War II
In Greek mythology who was the God of fire?
Who is the chief God in Hinduism?
In Greek mythology what is Talaria?
They are winged sandals, a symbol of the Greek messenger god Hermes
Who composed the classical piece of music 'The Firebird'?
Igor Stravinsky
Grant Martin and Captain Albert Berry, both claim to have achieved which aviation first in 1911 and 1912 respectively?
First parachute jump from a powered airplane
What is the name of the Royal house of Monaco?
Erik Weisz is better known to us as who?
Harry Houdini
What is the current geological epoch?
The Holocene
Jozip Brioz of Yugoslavia was known mainly by which four letter name?
In which country would you find the Great East Belt Bridge?
In which European city would you find The Belvedere Gallery?
Marie Antoinette belonged to which royal house?
What do the initials VVSOP stand for when seen on the label of a bottle?
Very very superior old pale
By what term is seborrheic dermatitis better known?
The Spanish Christmas Lottery is one of the oldest lotteries in the world, having been run every year since 1812. By what Spanish name is the lottery known?
El Gordo
Which herb traditionally flavours gravadlax?
The Challenge Mountains, the most northern range in the world is on which Canadian Island?
Ellesmere Island
In which city was the Gateway of India built to commemorate a visit by George V?
Bombay (Mumbai)
"Harbinger," "Moneymaker" and "Shirley" are all types of what?
Who wrote Frankenstein?
Mary Shelley
Who wrote Catch 22?
Joseph Heller
What line divided the North and South in the U.S Civil War?
The Mason Dixon Line
What tool did Charles Moncke invent?
The Monkey Wrench
When in Sydney, Australia, what is a Brickfielder?
It is a hot and dry wind in the desert of Southern Australia that occurs in the summer season
Flight-lieutenant Jerry Rawlings ruled which African country from 1981-2001?
The Women's Institute was founded in which country?
What three leaders met at the Yalta Conference?
Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill
Employees of which body are awarded with a Silver Snoopy for outstanding work?
NASA (National Aeronautic Space Agency)
Who wrote the words to the Star Spangled Banner?
Francis Scott Key
What two countries are linked by the Brenner Pass?
Austria and Italy
What two countries are separated by the Gulf of Bothnia?
Finland and Sweden
What Mexican leader was shot dead in 1923?
Pancho Villa
What two countries are linked by the Simplon Pass?
Switzerland and Italy
What were you if you were called a Skepper?
A maker of Bee Hives
What type of creature lives in a form ?
Gaston Leroux wrote which 1911 novel, later a famous musical?
The Phantom of the Opera
Who fatally shot Mahatma Gandhi in 1948?
Nathuran Godse
Which Flemish artist painted The Garden of Earthly Delights?
Hieronymous Bosch
Who is depicted on the US $100 bill?
Benjamin Franklyn
What detective lives on Punchbowl Hill?
Charlie Chan
What do the dogs known as the dingo and the basenji have in common?
They don't bark
Which Shakespeare play features Beatrice and Benedict?
Much Ado About Nothing
To whom is the statement: 'The graveyards are full of indispensable men' attributed?
Charles de Gaulle
In which city would you travel on the DART?
In which city would you travel on the BART?
San Francisco
Who lost his head after creating Utopia?
Sir Thomas More
The three musketeers and name of lead role
Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan
Best selling fiction book of all time
Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, 1605
Who wrote a Tale of two Cities, Great Expectations and Oliver Twist?
Charles Dickens, 1812 to 1870