Worksheet-Early Mesoamerican Civilizations

An early Mayan most probably would have used a codex
to record important dates
The Mayas developed a system of writing using
Which of the following is NOT TRUE of Mesoamerica?
The Olmecs were polytheistic while the Maya were monotheistic.
The largest ceremonial center of the Olmec people was
La Venta
The Maya civilization declined when they
left their cities
Which of the following is NOT TRUE of the Olmec?
Their decline is due to an attack by the Aztecs.
The decline of the Maya occurred
several hundreds of years before the Spanish arrived in the Americans
Which of the following best describes a Mayan urban area
People living close together with pyramids and a central plaza.
Which is NOT TRUE of the Mayas?
The Mayans had a single controlling emperor.
Which could you visit if you wanted to see ancient Mesoamerica ruins?
What role did the Spanish play in the development of Mesoamerica culture before 1492?
They played no role whatsoever.
What did the ancient Aztec civilization have that Maya civilization lacked?
a single controlling authority.
Maya writing was made up of about 800 _____
An ancient carved stone marking important dates and events.
The Maya's story of the creation of the world.
Popol Vuh
A Mayan bark-book containing records of important Mayan events.
Large Mayan city in northern Guatemala.
Mayan staple (main) food.
Civilizations that existed in the Americans prior to Christopher Columbus.
A green gem stone.