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Review Sheet on Nationalism & Imperialism

Who were the most important figures in the uprising in 1857 in India? What was the outcome of the rebellion?

The Sepoys. Made Britain change their policies in India. The British took direct control over India.

Why was the Suez Canal important?

Improved communication. Necessity for Britain to control India.

What did social Darwinism believe?

Social Darwinists argued that it was natural for stronger nations to dominated weaker ones.

What was The Berlin Conference? When did it take place?

To avoid bloodshed, 12 European powers met at an international conference in 1884 in Berlin, not Africa. US & the Ottoman Empire were invited, but no Africans. Set the ground rules for colonization. They established new borders & frontiers. They redrew the map of Africa with little regard for traditional patterns of settlement or ethnic boundaries.

Which country controlled Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos in the late 19th century?


In regard to imperialism, were the Japanese and Americans just as racist as the Europeans, why?

No because they freely opened their ports and they recognized individual rights

After the overthrow of Queen Lil'uokalani in 1893, the United States took over which country?


Why did The Meiji reformers actively copy the western Europeans and Americans?

The Meiji reformers actively copied the Western Europeans & Ams. b/c they understood the danger of those 2 groups and wanted to find a way to avoid domination.

What event best displayed Japan's rise to the level of a world power?

1904 Russo-Japanese War

Why was Cecil Rhodes so interested in controlling Cape Colony?

Cecil hoped that Cape Colony would serve as a base of operations to extend British control of Africa from the Cape to the Cairo.

The term "Great Game" refers to...

Great Game - refers to the struggle
bw the British & Russian adventurers for
control of Central Asia.

Which region did NOT become a European colony during the nineteenth century?

Liberia, Ethiopia, Thailand

What was direct rule? What was indirect rule?

Direct Rule:European personnel were responsible for tax collection, maintaining order, labor & military recruitment. (example would be France in Algeria)
Indirect Rule: To govern their colonies, they used existing tribal authorities - sultans, chiefs, or other local rulers. (example would be Britain in Egypt)

Provide an example of the extreme event of the Qing reaction to domination of foreigners?

Taiping Rebellion.

Which nation is considered to have treated its colonies most poorly?


The role that the United States played in Latin America during the 1800s and early 1900s can best be described as...

The US was economic and political interventionists in Latin America during the 1800s

During the first half of the 1800s, which institution administered Great Britain's colony in India?

British East India Company

Which Asian nation proved most successful at resisting foreign domination?


How did Britain first acquire its empire in India during the 18th century?

Britain first acquired its empire in India following successful wars against France for South Asian possessions. India was Britain's most important colony in the 19th and 20th century.

Traditionally, what was British colonial practice in India during the 19th century?

Indirect Rule

The most likely reason for the success of European colonial acquisitions during the 19th century would be?

They were more technologically advanced because of the Industrial Revolution.

What was the most immediate result of the Opium War?

Britain forced China to sign a treaty (Treaty of Nanjing - 1842) which stated that China had to pay for Britain's war cost, open ports to Britain, give Britain Hong Kong, and British citizens had the right to live under British laws and be tried in British courts, even while in China.

Prior to the arrival of the American fleet and Commodore Perry, what was Japan's relationship to the outside world?

Japan isolated itself from the outside world

What part of North Africa became France's most prized colony?

North West. Algeria

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