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  1. Particular Judgement
  2. isaiah
  3. Grace
  4. Abraham
  5. Christian Descipleship
  1. a Being a follower of Christ
  2. b The eternal recompense received by each soul at the moment of death in accordance with that person's faith and works.
  3. c he brew for "father of a multitude"; a descendant of Shem and the founder-of the Hebrews nation. He was the first to receive a personal call from God, to which he responded with faith.
  4. d The free and undeserved gift of God to respond to one's vocation to become his adopted son or daughter
  5. e the great prophet who guided the reforms of Hezekiah. His prophecies often refer to the coming of the Messiah

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  1. The wife of St. Zechariah, mother of St. John the Baptist, and kinswoman of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  2. Based on union with Jesus Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Adam and Eve's third son and eventual heir, His line carried on the true worship of God in contrast to the evil line of Cain
  4. there are two basic senses in which this should be read, the literal and the spiritual. The spiritual has three senses: the allegorical or typical, the moral or topological, and the the anagogical.
  5. The quality or characteristic of the Church by which she will exist until the end of time.

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  1. decaloguegreek for "going out"


  2. Hellthe form of the body, this is an individual spiritual substance created directly by God in his image and likeliness


  3. HolinessThose chosen by God from the beginning to participate in his plan of salvation and to enjoy his eternal friendship in Heaven.


  4. Finding in the TempleDescribed in Luke 2: 41-52. Christ and his parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. On the return journey, the Blessed Virgin Mary at St. Joseph covered Christ was not with them and, after three days, found him in the Temple, discoursing with the teachers of the Law


  5. Magia representation such as a statue or picture. each human person is made in the image of God; that is, human beings are like God insofar as having intelligence, free will, and the capacity to love