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  1. Anna
  2. messiah
  3. Laity
  4. Suffering Servant
  5. Beatitudes
  1. a The teachings of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount about the meaning and way to true happiness.
  2. b The faithful who, having been incorporated into Christ through Baptism, are made part of the People of God, the Church
  3. c Hebrew for "anointed".
  4. d the prophetess who recognized Jesus as the Messiah when he was presented in the Temple. Anna or Ann is also the name of the mother of the Blesses Virgin Mary.
  5. e In fulfillment of Isaiah 53, Christ, the Suffering Servent, suffered and died on the Cross to gain the redemption of mankind

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  1. In light of God's free choice of the Blessed Virgin Mary from all eternity to be the Mother of his Son, it was ordained, from the first moment of her conception, she-by a singular grace of God and by virtue of the foreseen merits of Jesus Christ-was preserved from all stain of Original Sin.
  2. Duties required by the Catholic Church of her members in order to ensure a certain minimum in their spiritual and moral lives
  3. the name of the garden from sensory observation and experimentation
  4. The pious practice of meditating upon Christ's Passion, Death, and Resurrection. This maybe done either by walking the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem or passing from one image to the next depicting Christ's sufferings in a church
  5. From the Latin for "to become flesh"; the mystery of the hypostatic union of the divine and human natures in the one divine Person of the Word, Jesus Christ,

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  1. Temptation in the DesertFollowing the Baptism of Christ by St. John, Christ fasted and prayed in the wilderness for forty days. During this time, he was tempted by Satan. Unlike our first parents and their descendants, Christ overcame the temptations of the Devil


  2. idolatryA state of final purification after death but before entrance into Heaven for those who have died in God's friendship but are only imperfectly purified.


  3. KenosisHebrew for "anointed".


  4. inerrantThe dwelling of God. In Heaven, the elect enjoy eternal friendship and communion with God and with the angels and saints. Those in Heaven enjoy perfect happiness and see God face-to-face.


  5. PassionForty days after his Resurrection, the entry of Christ's humanity into divine glory