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  1. Mystical Body of Christ
  2. Passion
  3. serpent
  4. Agony in the Garden
  5. Parousia
  1. a Greek for presence or arrival:The Second Coming of Christ at the end of time.
  2. b the form taken by Satan in the Garden of Eden. the Hebrew word for nahash refers to a fearsome, murderous creature
  3. c the suffering of Christ leading up to his Death
  4. d Taught in St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians, believers are united to Christ in the way the individual parts of the body, each with it's own function, are united to the head.
  5. e The mental, moral, and physical agony suffered by Christ in the Garden or Gethsemane, where he prayed after the Last Supper but before his arrest.

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  1. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit-are present in the soul from the moment of Baptism and remain as long as that soul is in a state of grace.
  2. Duties required by the Catholic Church of her members in order to ensure a certain minimum in their spiritual and moral lives
  3. The wise men described in Matthew 2. They came from the East to adore the newborn King of the Jews and brought him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh
  4. Every baptized person is called to seek holiness regardless of his or her state in life. This call was reaffirmed by the Second Vatican Council.
  5. from the greek for "ten words"; the ten commandments given by God through Moses

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  1. Noahthe tetragrammaton, or four letters, of the divine name in Hebrew; the personal name of the God of Israel revealed to Moses on Mt. Sinai, meaning "I AM WHO AM". This is rendered Lord in most English translations of the Bible.


  2. cainThe faithful who, having been incorporated into Christ through Baptism, are made part of the People of God, the Church


  3. adamthe first man and our first father. together with eve, he committed the first sin(original sin). this hebrew name refers to the particular individual or to mankind in general


  4. PolygamyMarriage between more than two people at the same time.


  5. original justiceThe dwelling of God. In Heaven, the elect enjoy eternal friendship and communion with God and with the angels and saints. Those in Heaven enjoy perfect happiness and see God face-to-face.