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HWH Final-Dates

1628 BC
Volcanic island of Thera explodes
586 BC
Babylonians take Jerusalem, temple destroyed
509 BC
Romans establish a republic
490 BC
Battle of Marathon
480 BC
Battles of Thermpolye and Salamis
431- 404 BC
Peloponnesian War
356-323 BC
Alexander the Great, king of Macedon, rules . Hellenistic age
44 BC
Julius Caesar assassinated ides of march
27 BC-180 AD
Pax Romana
313 BC
Edict of Milan/Constantine
476 BC
Fall of Rome by Odoacer
750-1268 AD
Abassid dynasty
800 AD
Pope Leo III crowns Charlemagne emperor of HRE
1054 AD
Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches formally separate "Great Schism"
1066 AD
William of Normandy conquers England
1096 AD
First crusade , The First Crusade begins, and the Crusaders take control of Jerusalem
1215 AD
King John signs Magna Carta in England essentially creating Parliament
1453 AD
Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks, end of the Byzantine Empire
1492 AD
Columbus sites land at the Americas
1543 AD
Portugese reach Japan