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George Miller found that the average person is able to keep about ____ digits in mind at a time.


Tim can remember what he had for lunch yesterday. This is an example of a\an

episodic memory.

The memory of things that happen to us or occur in our life are referred to as

episodic memory.

Recall of what your professor said in class is ____ memory, and recall of what you wore that day are instances of ____ memory.

semantic; episodic

General knowledge of history, algebra, and literature refers to ____ memory.


Tracy took tennis lessons when she was very young but had not played tennis for years when she decided to enroll in a tennis class at college. A moment after she picked up her racket, she realized with surprise that she had shifted it to the correct forehand grip without even thinking. Tracy's ____ memory made this possible.


The memory that tends to fail when we are feeling stressed, distracted, and preoccupied is called

prospective memory.

The stages of information processing in memory are

encoding, storage, and retrieval

Which of the following could be used to store "The Star Spangled Banner" song in memory?

acoustic code

____ means maintaining information over time.


While doing his homework, Joe noticed that he was having difficulty remembering a formula for his statistics' assignment. He realized he would have to review it more often to be able to recall the information. Psychologist refer to his realization as


A psychology student wants to know how to remember the various aspects of operant conditioning. His teacher tells him to relate it to classical conditioning, which he already knows. This is an example of ____ rehearsal.


The process of locating and returning information to consciousness is referred to as


Sofia is taking a chemistry exam. She has not studied conscientiously, and the meanings of the chemical suffixes seem to be confusing. Sofia's difficulty in remembering is most probably due to

encoding failure.

Psychologist believe that we possess a sensory register for

each of our sensory systems.

Photographic memory involves

iconic memory and eidetic imagery.

The memory that enables one to hold information for a limited time in their mind is called

short term memory.

To "save" information that is in short term memory you must

repeat the information mentally or out loud.

The way in which we conceptualize our worlds, our beliefs, and our expectations are built around cognitive structures called


____ is formed in long-term memory by organizing information into groups of classes according to common or distinct features.

Hierarchical structure

Remembering nonsense syllables is difficult because they are meaningless and require

acoustic coding and maintenance rehearsal.

In taking the position that only fill-in-the-blank tests are suitable for testing the knowledge of students, Professor Terry is mainly interested in measuring


When old information interferes with the recall of new information this is ____; when new information interferes with the recall of old information this is ____.

proactive interference; retroactive interference

Psychoanalysts believe that dissociative amnesia involves


Freud discovered that many patients could not recall episodes that happened prior to the age of three and that their recall was cloudy through the age of five. He identified this phenomenon as ____ amnesia.


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