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very small, simple organisms, but they do everything that larger, multicellular organisms do. include viruses.


efficient single-celled organisms, with an envelope surrounding the cytoplasm, which contains the DNA.


do bacteria contain DNA?


chemical organic feeders that consume carbs


chemic inorganic feeds that consume rocks, sulfide, etc.

pathogenic bacteria

disease causing bacteria.


these thrive in habitats too extreme for most other organisms

animal like, fungi like, plant like

types of protists


not alive: lack metabolic system, unable to reproduce it takes over the protein making machinery of the host cell to produce more viral genetic material (DNA or RNA). nothing can fight them (no medication).


HIV example, RNA containing virus.


in the human body, there are more of these cells than human cells

bacteria, archea, and eurkarya

most basic division among all organisms on earth is among these three


contain DNA, no nucleus, uses largest variety of energy sources.

archaea and eukarya

the domains that are more closely related


they are eukaryotic, single cells organisms. examples: paramecium, slime mold, brown algae, diatom


causes sickle-cell anemia, transmitted by paramecium, confers resistance to malia, common in north america.


virus that mutates frequently, derived from simian immunodeficiency virus, contains RNA. NOT DNA

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