31 terms

Wong Chpts. 10-19

5 Concepts that enhance positive expectations
Name, Please, Thank You, Smile, Love
How many repetitions to learn something new
28 times
Factors for student learning
classroom management, learning process, parent/home support
Classroom Management
things a teacher does to organize students space, time and materials so students can learn
Difference between a procedure and discipline
Procedure- how things are done. Discipline- how students behave
teachers and students know what is happening
4 Characteristic of a well managed classroom
involved in work, know what is expected, little wasted time, work/relaxed climate
Task-oriented environment
students know what is expected and how to succeed
Predictable environment
teachers and students know what to do and what is suppose to happen
"A successful teacher is ready" means...
ready- work, room, teacher and classroom
Principal of proximity
teachers discipline problems are directly proportional to teachers distance to students
How to protect your reputation?
maintain a positive image
3 Personality traits to enhance your reputation?
integrity, honesty, be approachable
"A script for the first day of school" means
who will you spend the first day with and what will you do the first day
Purpose of arranging seats
accomplish classroom tasks
3 Reasons for a seating chart
roll taking, name memorization, separates problem students
What is the first priority on when class starts
get students to work
How much time is lost at the beginning of the class period?
3-17 mins
3 Basic records in a roll book
attendance, scores, running total
Number one problem in school
lack of procedures and routines
3 parts to a discipline plan
rules, consequences, routines
Purpose of rules
sets limits, prevents or encourages behavior by stating expectations
2 kinds of consequences
rewards and penalties
What is a consequence?
what results when a person abides by or breaks a rule
How do you deal with behavior problems?
do not stop instruction then punish immediately
Number of rules
no more than 5
2 Major things to address on the first day of school
name and expectations
Difference between procedure and a routine
Procedure- what the teacher wants done. Routine- what the students do automatically
Parts of an objective
audience, behavior, condition, degree
Bloom's Taxonomy
knowledge (recall), comprehension (understanding), application (apply), analysis (break it down), synthesis (creative thinking), evaluation judge)
Parts of a lesson plan
topic, standard, objective, materials needed, gain attention, input/modeling, check for understanding, guided practice, closure, independent practice, reflection