17 terms

TEST4 Big 3

what is stress?
psychological and physical reaction to certain life events or situations
what is stress reactivity?
the physical reaction to stress
what are sources of stress at work?
personality, job characteristics, organizational characteristics, and physical work environment
what personality causes stress at work?
type A and neuroticism
what job characteristics cause stress at work?
role conflict, ambiguity, and overload
what organizational characteristics cause stress at work?
fitted-ness, change, interpersonal relations, and politics
what physical work environment causes stress at work?
noise and temperature
what is job satisfaction?
attitude an employee has toward his/her job
what are sources of satisfaction at work?
individual differences, enjoyableness of task, equitability, co-worker happiness
what individual differences determine satisfaction?
emotional stability, self-esteem, self-efficacy, and LOC
what ensures enjoyableness of task?
job rotation, job enrichment, qulaity circles
what is social influence?
when our thoughts, feeling, or actions are affected by other people
what can measures satisfaction?
the faces scale, and job description index JDI
productivity is related to?
job performance
job performance measured by:
self-appraisal, supervisor ratings, customer ratings
what are effects of stress and unhappiness on productivity?
burn-out, absenteeism and turn-over, drug and alcohol abuse, healthcare costs, counter-productive behaviors
what is burn-out?
state of being overwhelmed by stress