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Why are Marullus and Flavius upset about the commoners not being at work?

no conquest or purpose

What is a pun?

Play on words

What does Caesar ask Antony to do during the race at the celebration?

touch his wife

What quote foreshadows events to come?

"Beware the ides of March"

What do Brutus and Cassius do during the celebration?

join together in the conspiracy

List three reasons Cassius says Caesar should not be king.

unworthy tyrant, too much ambition, dangerous

What causes the crowd to cheer three times?

Caesar denies the crown

Who is the Senator who speaks Greek?


List four men who are not supporters of Caesar at this time.

Flavius, Marcullus, Brutus, Cassius

Which of the four men must be convinced to join the conspiracy?


Define soliloquy.

a speech given by a character that reveals his thoughts and feelings aloud

What does Cassius reveal in his soliloquy in Act 1?


What two comments does Shakespeare make about the nature of humans?

easily swayed, man's jealousy drives him

Who is Caesar's wife?


What two physical aliments does Caesar have?

deaf in one ear, epilepsy

Who relates the story of the offering of the crown?


Give two reasons Brutus must be a part of the conspiracy for it to work?

he is a well respected noble, they will kill him

Who is described as having a "lean and hungry look"?


From the final scene of Act 1, give an example of the foreshadowing of bad things to come.

unnatural occurrences (hand on fire)

What is Cassius' plan to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy?

write false/imflamatory letters, visit him one more time

Brutus is concerned about what in the opening scene of Act 2?


Who is Brutus' servant?


What does Lucius find?

false letters

Act 2 opens in the early morning hour of what date?

Ides of March

What is the ides of March significant?

Soothsayer said beware the ides of march

How do the conspirators try to hide their identities when they visit Brutus?

Cover themselves with clothing

Why must the conspirators be secretive when visiting Brutus?

Don't want to be exposed

Brutus and Cassius are foils. What is a foil?

One character contrasts the other

Why does Brutus not want Mark Antony to be killed along with Caesar?

Unnecessary butchering

Why do the conspirators not ask Cicero to join the conspiracy?

He won't follow anything the other men begin

Brutus says his decision to join the conspiracy is not personal but for?

The good of Rome, for the people

The conspirators worry that Caesar will not attend the Senate. Who plans to use flattery and deceit to convince Caesar to attend?


Define anachronism.

Out of place, out of time

What is an example of anachronism in Act 2?


Who is Brutus' wife?


How does Brutus' wife try to prove to him that she is strong?

Gives herself a voluntary wound to her thigh

Why does Calpurnia say Caesar should stay home?

She had a dream about his statue

What do the augerers say about the omens for Caesar?

He should not go forth today

How does Decius interpret Calpurnia's dream?

Rome shall suck reviving blood

What does Decius use to convince Caesar to go to the Senate?

Flattery & deceit

Who got with Caesar to the Senate?


Define aside.

A character speaks to the audience or another character but no one else hears it

Define blank verse.

Natural rhythms of english speech unrhymed

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