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sperm and egg are made from specialized cells called:
germ cells
to make extra copies of DNA to store for later use
which of the following is not a reason why cell division is important in eukaryotes?
A cell spends most of its time in which of the following phases
A biologist is studying the relaxed form of a chromosome. He or she would be studying which of the following.
six chromosomes in each daughter cell
If the total number of chromosomes is six, then after mitosis there will be:
25 chromosomes
If an organism has 50 chromosomes in its somatic cells, which of the following would be haploid.
a cell biologist is studying the phase of mitosis where sister chromatids seperate and begin to move toward the poles of the cell. which of the following phases of mitosis is this biologist studying.
a cell plate
In plants, cytokinesis occurs with the formation of:
Crossing-over between non-sister chromatids may result in portions of chromosomes being mixed
The statement the we inherit half our chromosomes from our mother and half from our father is not exactly true because:
anaphase I
During which stage do homologous chromosomes move away from each other?
The second meiotic division is essentially a mitotic division except for the fact that the cells produced are:
2n to n
meiosis results in a change in chromosome number indicated by:
one cell is produced and fertilization is required for completion
A basic difference between spermatogenesis and oogenesis is that in oogenesis: