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A society is ___.

A fairly large number of people who live in the same territory, are relatively independent people outside it, and participate in a common culture

Which one of the following is not a characteristic of culture?

it is stationary

Which of the following are primary elements of culture?


Cultural relativism is the opposite of ___.


____ are gestures, objects, and words that form the basis of human communication.


The most important element of culture is ___.


Values are ___.

Standards to evaluate what is good, bad, beautiful, or ugly

Which of the following is not a type of norm?


Which of the following is not a type of culture discussed in class?


Which of the following is considered a cultural universal by anthropologist George Murdock?

Athletic sports

A dominate ideology is a ____.

set of cultural beliefs that help to maintain powerful social, economic, and political interests

____ emphasizes that culture provides coherence and stability in society.


____ emphasizes that cultural serves the interests of powerful groups and elites.

Conflict Theory

____ emphasizes that culture changes as individuals produce new cultural meanings.

symbolic interactionism

____ is when one aspect of culture changes more slowly than other aspects.

Cultural lag

Discovery is ____.

The process of making known or sharing the existence of an aspects of reality

Through the process of socialization people ____.

-learn the customs of their society
-form individual personalities
-develop self-concepts

Socialization caused people conform to cultural expectations, which is a form of ____.

Social control

Which of these is not generally viewed as a consequence of socialization?

People develope the capacity to act in socially deviant and harmful ways.

The analysis of Isabelle and genie is important because it emphasizes the relevance of _____.

social interaction in human development

Bob is on his first date with Mary, whom he really likes. He tries to act in a manner that will cause her t like him, too, and to want to go out with him again. This is an example of ____.

Impression management

According to a report by the American Association of University Women, girls face some important challenges resulting from differential treatment based on sexism in U.S. schools. This analysis most likely reflects which sociological perspective?

Conflict perspective

Which term is used to refer to a person's typical patterns of attitudes, needs, characteristics, and behavior?


Graduation ceremonies, weddings, and bar mitzvahs are all examples of ____.

rites of passage

Which theorist used the concept of the "looking glass self" to explain how the self emerges is interaction with others?

Charles Horton Cooley

____ views socialization as a process that builds group identity and teaches inequality.

Conflict Theory

Which term was used by George Herbert Mead to refer to the child's awareness of the attitudes, viewpoints, and expectations of society as a whole?

generalized other

Which of the following is true about the family as an agent of socialization?

Not all families socialize children in the same way.

When a person undergoes a religious or political conversion, this is an example of ____.


Which of the following statements reflects a functionalist view of education as a socializing agent?

Schools are responsible for teaching the values and norms of the larger society

The process of mentally assuming the perspective of another, thereby enabling one to respond from that imagined viewpoint, is known as ___.

Role taking

Sociologist believe that socialization ____.

is not uniform; no two people have exactly the same experience.

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