Heat Illness quiz Science ECMS 2K15

What is heat illness?
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which drinks can lead to dehydration? Should those drinks be consumed during times of exercise on a hot day? While sunbathing?avoid alcohol, and fluids with caffeine, such as tea, coffee, and colaWhat does "wet down" mean?when you take frequent water breaks or to mist yourself down with a spray bottle to avoid becoming over heatedWhich type of athlete is most vulnerable to heat illness? Why?Football players, because they practice and play in hot/humid conditions. Their football equiptment act as thermal insulators. Lots of fluid loss from sweating so much. In most cases football players do not feel thirsty until after they are already dehydrated.Which heat illness is commonly treated with ice bags placed on the armpits and groin are? Why is ice placed on these parts of the body? What is the purpose of the ice (think about the direction in which thermal energy flow)?Heat stroke is commonly treated with ice bags placed on armpits and groins. Ice is placed on the groins because the body is overwhelmed with excessive heat, so you need to cool it down with the ice