10 terms

Chapter 6 Set 4

A compound that vaporizes readily at room temperature is most likely to be a(n)
molecular compound.
Ionic compounds are brittle because the strong attractive forces
hold the layers in relatively fixed positions.
The properties of both ionic and molecular compounds are related to the
strengths of attraction between the particles in the compounds.
A chemical bond formed by the attraction between positive ions and surrounding mobile electrons is a(n)
metallic bond.
Compared with nonmetals, the number of valence electrons in metals is generally
In metallic bonds, the mobile electrons surrounding the positive ions are called a(n)
electron sea
Which best explains the observation that metals are malleable and ionic crystals are brittle?
their chemical bonds
Because metallic bonds permit one plane of ions to slide past another without breaking bonds, metals are
Compared with metals, ionic crystals are
Shifting the layers of an ionic crystal causes the crystal to