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History- The Arawaks

Taken from Notes and Text book
Arawak :
eaters of meal
Lucayans :
Island people
Tainos :
The Arawak's Belonged to a larger group called
They came to the Americas from
Siberia in Asia
What did they travel cross to get to the Americas?
The Bearing strait which had formed an ice bridge between Asia and America.
What did the Arawaks look like?
They were short to medium height, brown skinned with broad faces, flattened foreheads and slanting eyes.
Why did they flatten their babies foreheads?
It was a sign of beauty and protection from heavy blows
Why did they paint there bodies?
To keep away Mosquitoes and for Religious reasons
What did they use to make body paint?
They extracted colors from seeds and berries.
Where did they establish their villages?
They lived in small villages (10 - 15 houses) near the sea shore, in this way they could look out for enemies and obtain food.
What was the name of the Caciques house
A Bohio
What was the name of the common Lucayan house?
a Caneye
What were the houses made of? Describe its make up.
The houses were made of wood tied together with strong reeds to resist hurricanes. They were either round or rectangular, with thatched roofs there were very little furniture inside except for the hammock(the bed) and clay pots. There was an opening for the door and one in the roof to let smoke escape.
What kind of society did the Arawak live
They lived in a cooperativeness society (everything was shared) to ensure everyone got what they needed.
What does it mean to live in a subsistence level?
You under grew food for your own needs
What were the main occupations of the Arawak?
Fishing, Farming, Hunting and Gathering
Name some of the animals and food eaten my the Arawaks.
The hutia and the iguana were the animals they ate & they ate birds, cassava, potatoes, and tobacco.
What were the main farming method used by the Arawaks ?
Slash an burn & Shifting Cultivation
What is the Slash and Burn Method?
this is the process of cutting and burning trees bushes in order to clear the land. They also mixed the ashes with the soil to make it more fertile
What is Shifting Cultivation ?
this is moving to a fresh piece of land after about 2 to 3 years because the land is exhausted
Who was the Leader of a Arawak village ?
The Cacique
How was the position of the Cacique granted?
It was hereditary , it was passed down to the eldest son and could only be male
What were the duties of the Cacique?
1. Distributed Land
2. Decided who would cultivate the land and where they should plant
3. Decided between was and peace
Arawaks were Polytheistic -
worshiped many gods
The Lucayans worshiped a Idol called
Zemis ( he represented a spirit)
They made these idols form
Clay, Cotton, Wood, Stone or The bones of Ancestors and Loved ones
A good Harvest was a sign that
The Zemi was pleased
Miss fortunes such as sickness and hurricanes were signs that
The Zemi was displeased
It was very important to please the Zemi because they depends on them for everything -
Healthy Children
Good Crops
Good Weather
Successful Raids
The Cacique was assisted by the
Nobles called naitos.
During religious ceremonies what did the Cacique would smoke?
dried tobacco leaves called cahoba from a y shaped piped
What was this pipe called?
What happened when the Cacique became intoxicated?
He received messages from the Zemis
Singing and Dancing were called
Arieto took place-
on feast days in front of the Caciques house
The Cacique would sit on his ceremonial stole called a
Duho, This chair was specially made of wood and carved in the shape of an animal
the Ball game Batos is similar to