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-Special tiny parts, floating in the cytoplasm
-Each has a specific form and function (shape and job)
-They carry out all life processes


-Round or oval, found in the center of a cell, often dark
-Surrounded by a nuclear membrane (nuclear envelope) with nuclear pores
-Contains chromosomes (DNA)
-Controls cell functions and reproduction
-Can contain a nucleus (which makes the ribosomes)


-Round or ovals pods with long inner folded membranes
-Provide energy for a cell by releasing the energy into food

Endoplasmic Reticulum

-Folded membranes forming tubes and canals
-Transports materials throughout a cell

Smooth ER

-no ribosomes

Rough ER

-does have ribosomes


-Made in the nucleus
-Small round dark organelles found in the cytoplasm and on rough ER
-Makes proteins for the cell

Golgi Bodies

-Stacks of flattened membrane sacs
-Receive materials, repackage and distribute to other parts of the cell


-Small sacs
-Contain chemicals that break down food, waste or old cell parts
-Ex: absorption of tadpole tales


Sacs of storage for different substances
-Food vacuoles
-Water vacuoles
-Waste vacuoles
In plants, mature cells have a Central Vacuole (contains sap, amino acids, pigments and sugars)


-large organelles found in plant cells
-green from chlorphyll
-trap energy from sun, convert it to food (photosynthesis)

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