Forensics Exam Questions

Who established the comparison microscope as the indispensible tool of modern firearms examiner?
Forensic odontology refers to the study of:
Who wrote the first treatise describing the application of science to the field of criminal investigation?
Rigor mortis refers to the:
Stiffness of death
The exchange of evidence principle was?
The concept of "general acceptance" of scientific evidence relates to:
Frye Standard
Who undertook the first definitive study of fingerprints as a method of personal identification?
If the crime scene includes a dead body, the photographer should:
Depict injuries and weapons at the scene
The most basic methods of crime scene recording include:
Photographs, note taking, and sketches
The victim's fingernail scraping would be correctly packed in:
Druggist fold
The first officer arriving at a crime scene, after providing or obtaining medical assistance for the injured and effecting an arrest of suspects (if possible), should immediately:
Secure the scene
Evidence of tampering with the position of a body after death can be obtained by evaluating the:
Livor mortis
The change in refractive index upon annealing tempered glass is ____ the change in refractive index upon annealing untempered glass.
Greater than
Pyrex glass is made with the addition of:
boron oxide
Eight inches is approximately _____ centimeters.
What are 3 synthetic fibers?
Acrylic, nylon, polyester
Which of the following is not a layer of the hair shaft
The central canal running through many hairs is known as the:
Paint binders can be chemically analyzed using:
IR Spectrophotometry and Pyrolysis GC
What are parts of composition of paint?
Pigment, binder, solvent
Medullae may be classified as being:
Interrupted, absent, continuous, fragmented
Which property imparts paint with its most distrinctive forensic characteristic
Color-layer sequence
By far the most prevaet plant fiber is:
Which race is most likely to have head hair with continuous medullae?
In what stage can a hair most readily be removed from the scalp?
In determining whter a hair sample originated from a male or female, the MOST important consideration is:
The result of DNA analysis from the root structure
Pigment granules that impart hair with color are found in the
Before the 20th century, all fibers were:
A low dose of alcohol will inhibit
Confidence, concentration, and judgment
Which is the percentage of evidence evaluated in the crime lab that is drug-related?
The Marquis Reagent was used on drug evidence and it turned purple. The drug being tested could be:
Morphine or Heroin
When investigators search a fire scene, the first focus must be on:
Finding the origin of the fire.
Which is not a high explosive: dynamite, RDX, TNT, black powder?
Black powder
Most explosives can be recovered from debris for future study by being rinsed with:
Which instrumentation is considered the most sensitive and reliable for detecting and characterizing flammable residues?
Hydrocarbon accelerants can be detected by:
Trained dogs and a portable detector
The minimum temperature at which fuel vapor will ignite is known as:
The ignition temperature
What is NOT a way determine from a laboratory examination of evidence recovered from an arson?
the criminalist will not be able to reconstruct the ignition mechanism used by the arsonist.
An initiating explosive often used in detonators is:
The chemical ingredients of black powder are commonly:
Potassium nitrate, carbon, sulfur
Why is an arson or explosion crime scene difficult to investigate?
The extensive damages
What is dynamite?
A non-initiating high explosive
Search methods
1. spiral method
2. grid method
3. line method
4. quadrant method
What are the 5 types of drug ID tests?
1. color
2. microcrystalline
3. chromatography
4. spectophometry
5. Mass spec
Which color test turns purple in presence of heroin, morphine and opium and turns brown in presence of amethetamine and meth?
Which color test turns violet blue in presence of barbs?
Which color test shows a purple color in chloroform of marijuana?
Which color test turns blue-purple when LSD is present?
Which color test tests for cocaine (if turns solution blue, then add solution B, if it then turns pink, add solution C, if blue reappears then it's cocaine!)?
Scott Test
Which drug ID test IDs by color and morphology of crystal formed by substance when mixed with reagents?
Which drug ID test provides a tentative ID and accompanies color and microcrystalline tests?
What is used with GC to ID drug and separate the drug?
Mass spec
What is the difference between UV and IR spectophometry?
UV is probable, IR is fingerprint of drug
Which chromatography do you need to remove vapor (head space) from air tight container and put in this chromotophraphy machine to separated into peaks?