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Any numeric digit
Any character that is not a number
Any number, letter, or underscore
Any character that is not a number, letter, or underscore
Match OR
Optional matching character
Matches zero or all of preceding group
Matches at least one or more of the preceding group
Matches specific repetitions
Makes specific repetition matching non greedy
Any tab, space, or new line
Anything that is not a tab, space, or new line
DIY Character class composition
Negative character class when combined with brackets
Symbol that states match must occur at beginning of strjng
Symbol that states match must occur at end of string
Wildcard that matches any character except a new line
Match Any and all characters
All characters non greedy
Declares a string to be raw
Method that Returns a list if regex does not include groups, returns tuples if the regex does contain groups
First method of compiling regexs
Ignores case if passed as second argument of re.compile
Ignore new line characters if passed as a second argument of re.compile('.*')
Allows re.compile() to be spread across multiple lines if used as the second argument.