62 terms

Caesar DBG Frequency Set 1

ā, ab, abs
prep. w. abl.: from, away from; at, in, on; by; in respect to, after
ā tergō
in the rear
accidō, -cidere, -cidī, ---
fall to; befall; happen, occur
accipiō, -cipere, -cēpī, -ceptum
take to oneself, accept; experience, suffer; learn, hear, take
prep. w. acc.: to, toward, against; at, near; for (the purpose of); up to, about (w. numbers); up to, until; at, on (w. time); after, according to, among
adventus, -ūs, m.
arrival, approach
ager, -rī, m.
field; district, territory
aliquis, -quid & aliquī, -qua, -quod
indef. pron.: someone, something; anyone, anything, any
alius, -a, -ud (gen. alīus)
another, other
alius ... alius
one ... another; pl. some ... others
alter, -era, -erum
the other (of two); second; the one
alter ... alter
the one ... the other
alterī ... alterī
the one party ... the other
annus, -ī, m.
adv: before, above, previously; prep. w. acc.: before, in front of
prep. w. acc.: at, among, near, with; at the house of, in the presence of
arbitror, (1)
decide, think, believe
arma, -ōrum, n.pl.
arms, weapons; battle, war
conj.: but, at least
conj.: and also, and even, and; than, as, from (in comparisons)
conj.: or
aut ... aut
either ... or
conj.: but; however; moreover
bellum, -ī, n.
capiō, -ere, cēpī, captum
take, capture, catch; take in, trick; take up (arms); choose (a spot); adopt (a plan); reach; arrive at; make (a beginning)
fugam capere
take to flight
castra, -ōrum, n.pl.
(fortified) camp
causa, -ae, f.
cause, reason, motive; situation; a (legal) case
causam dīcere
to plead a case
w. gen.: for the sake or purpose of
celeritās, -tātis, f.
speed, swiftness
certus, -a, -um
adj.: certain, sure, fixed
certiōrem facere
inform (w. acc. and inf.); order (w. ut or nē and subjunct.)
certior fierī
be informed
adv.: about, around, beset
circumveniō, -venīre, -vēnī, -ventum
surround, cut off, beset; betray
cīvitās, -tātis, f.
citizenship; state
coepī, coepisse, coeptus
began, undertook
cognōscō, -nōscere, -nōvī, -nitum
learn; study; perf.: I know
cōgō, cōgere, coēgī, coāctum
collect, assemble; force, compel
cohors, -tis, f.
collocō (1)
place, set, station; arrange
colloquor, -loquī, -locūtus sum
speak with, have a conference
commūnis, -e
adj.: common, general
rēs commūnis
the common interest
cōnsilium, -ī, n.
deliberation; counsel, advice; plan; course of action; judgement; wisdom; council (of war)
commūnī cōnsiliō
by or in accordance with general action
pūblicō cōnsiliō
by action of the state
cōnsilium capere/inīre
form or adopt a plan
cōnsilium habēre
think, consider
cōnstituō, -stituere, -stituī, -stitūtum
set up, construct, appoint, decide, decree, establish; draw p (troops in formation); anchor (ships); raise (a legion)
cōnsuēscō, -suēscere, -suēvī, -suētum
become used to; perf.: be accustomed
perf. pass. adj.: accustomed, usual
contineō, -tinēre, -tinuī, -tentum
hold, keep, restrain; bound, shut up, contain
sē continēre
w. abl.: remain in, on, or within
contrōversia, -ae, f.
dispute, argument
conveniō, -venīre, -vēnī, -ventum
come together, assemble; meet; arrive; be agreed upon; impers.: be convenient, suitable, or necessary
cōpia, -ae, f.
supply, plenty, number; pl.: resources; forces, troops
cum (conj.)
when, as, while; after, as soon as; whenever; since, because; although
cum ... tum
not only ... but also, both ... and
cum prīmum
as soon as
cum (prep. w. abl.)
with, together with