Extra Tissue Questions/Vocab

4 types of tissue
epithelial, muscle, nervous, connective
goblet cells
secrete a protective fluid called mucus onto the free surface of epithelial tissue
function of keratin
kills the cell, waterproofs, provides barrier to microorganisms
where keratin is primarily found
skin--thickest in palms and soles of feet
mast cell
cells to which antibodies, formed in response to allergens, become attached
types of connective tissue fibers
collagenous, elastic, reticular
function of collagenous fibers
give strength
function of elastic fibers
provide flexibility
function of reticular fibers
provide framework
cartilage cells
3 types of cartilage
hyaline, elastic, fibrocartilage
bone cells
type of tissue that lines the bladder
transitional epithelium
type of tissue associated with goblet cells
simple columnar epithelium
tissue that forms the inner lining of the respiratory passages
pseudostratified columnar epithelium
connect muscles to bones and muscles to other muscles
connect bones to bones at joints
composition of tendons and ligaments
fibrous connective tissue
type of muscle tissue that can be consciously controlled
kind of membrane that occurs between epithelial and connective tissues
type of tissue that makes up the outer layer of skin
stratified squamous epithelium
type of epithelium that is built to stretch