14 terms

Levers, pulleys, gears and friction

fulcrum is in the middle, effort force at one end load force at the other end
Class 1 Lever
class 1 lever
fulcrum at one end, load force is in the middle
class 2 lever
wheele barrel
class 2 lever
effort force is in the middle, and it makes things harder to move or lift
class 3 lever
fishing rod
class 3 lever
ratio expressing how much effort must be applied to life something
mechanical advantage
distance the effort force moves compared to the distance the load force moves
velocity ratio
fixed or moveable
effort force will equal the load force
single fixed pulley
used in tight spots
single fixed pulley
how to find the effort force needed is load force divided by the number of rope line
multiple fixed pulley
effort force equals half the load force because half of the load is supported by the rope that attaches to the ceiling
single movable pulley