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Latin Exam culture

201-146 BC
years rome became a world leader
SICILY spain and Sardinia
3 countries rome got control of by defeating hannibal
Greek nation rome challenged after hannibal
Macedonia, Northern Africa, Illyria, Sisalpine Gaul
4 areas added to roman territory before 133 BC
Lucius Memmius destroys Corinth and sold inhabitants into slavery
event that symbolized romes rise to power
Carthago Delenda est carthage must be destroyed
phrase Marcus Cato told the senate
Third Punic War
149-146 BC
Roman COmmanders name during the third punic war?
Publius Cornelius Scipio Aemilius Africanus
What did he command his troops to do to the sight of carthage?
put salt in the soil to assure infertility and cure sight
who were the nobiles?
They were the descandants of oldest families of rome that formed a ruling aristocracy to govern the empire
Who governed the Roman Provinciae
former magistrates (former consuls)
what were latifundia?
large estates that grew cash crops
What was the roman middle class called? what was there specialty?
equestrian order, leaders of roman commerce
What does Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit mean?
captive greece captivated her uncivilized conquerer.
Name two ways which greek culture was adopted into roman society
language and literature (the odyssey)
Two roman comedy writers
Plautus, and terence
Why was there a problem in Numidia
Roman were taking over the Nasamones farm land so they started rebelling
Why were the punic wars fought? who were the sides?
a long struggle for control of sicily and the sea. Carthage and Rome
What years was the first punic war?
264-241 BC
What military advantage did the romans develop in order to win this war
They needed marines, had crows foot on ships. Had to develop a navy
where were the punici originally from and where did they settle
Phoenicia and founded Carthage
What does Corvus mean in latin
Crows, like a gangplank that attached onto other ships.
Who was hannibals father
Hamilcar Barca
What years were the second punic war
218-201 BC
Decribe four geographical points that hannibal crossed into Italy
1. Up through spain 2. march across the pyrenees 3. Proceed up coast of France 4. and then through alps
What animals did hannibal cross the alps
Two battles where hannibal and the Carthaginians beat the romans
Lake Trasimene and Cannae
What was hannibal not able to do alone? Who did he want to help him>
Kill all and march on city, The roman italian allies
What happend to HAstrubal
came through alps with a relief force but was intercept and they cut off his head
What roman general finally defeated Hannibal? At what battle?
Publius Cornelius Scipio, Battle of Zama
What cognomen was the general given?
list the seven hills of rome
1. Mons Palatinus
2. Mons Esquilinus
3. Mons Capitolinus
4. Mons Aventinus
5. Mons Caelius
6. Collis Viminalis
7. Collis Quirinalis
Which hill seems to be most in the center of Rome?
Mons Palatinus
Which hill seems to have the biggest temple?
Mons Capitolinus ( temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus )
Name the city wall and explain?
Murus Servius it was built by King Servius Tullius (6th)
What two roads lead into the porta capena
Via Appia, Via latina
Name one road from the Forum to the Colosseum
Via Sacra
Which God is the campus Martius named for?what happens here
Soldier Training School.
Name the river in rome
Name one roman bridge
Pons Aemilius
Name two roman race courses
Circus Maximus, Circus Flaminius
Name one roman aqueduct
Aqua Appia