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Your food intake on a daily basis affects your health because?

improper balance of nutrients over time can lead to chronic diseases in the future

When considering the effect of genetics and nutrition on chronic disease development in individuals

our genetic inheritance determines the influence nutrition will have on disease prevention

When considering the effect of genetics and nutrition on chronic disease development in individuals

hey will have differing effects dependent upon the type of genetic messages

When evaluating the effectiveness of the nutrition and physical activity objectives in Healthy People 2010, public health officials have found that

we have been successful in reducing the number of deaths from heart disease and stroke

How many calories are in a food that contains 20 grams of carbohydrate, 8 grams protein, and 5 grams of fat?


A food provides 8 grams of fat and 300 total calories. What is the percentage of calories as fat in this product?


Your best friend tells you that she has started taking vitamin supplements to give her energy. How would you respond to her statement?

Vitamins do not yield usable energy

Liquid formulas that have been introduced as "meal replacers" have been shown to

have a limited use that is lifesaving for hospitalized patients who cannot eat real foods

Phytochemicals found in foods are important because

they decrease the risk of developing certain diseases when they are eaten

A compound in cranberries may prevent some bacteria from clinging to the urinary tract and help prevent urinary tract infections. This compound is an example of a


The abundance of types of foods today has made it

more difficult to plan a nutritious diet

You purchase a food product that is enriched. This means that...

the product could be either nutritious or not nutritious

When making food choices, the best types of foods to include in your diet are

whole foods, because they provide the basis of a nutritious diet

Most foods that are high in calcium are poor sources of iron. This statement illustrates the importance of the characteristic of a nutritious diet known as


Harry has a monotonous diet and eats the same foods every day. You try to convince him to eat a variety of foods because

some less well-known nutrients and some nonnutrient food components could be important to health

When you are ill with a cold, you fix a bowl of chicken noodle soup to eat to feel better. What factor drives your food choice in this situation?

emotional comfort

Having cake and ice cream as part of a birthday celebration is an example of which food choice factor?

positive association

Your family always has rice available at every meal, just as it has been for every generation. This is an example of _____ of food selection

cultural tradition

Because nutrition science is a young category compared to other sciences, findings in nutrition research have been

contradictory because of new theories being tested

A study conducted in several countries where a high intake of fish and a low intake of animal fat were correlated with a low rate of breast cancer death is an example of a

epidemiological studies

Scientists have developed a new type of margarine containing plant ingredients they think will lower blood cholesterol levels in people who use the margarine. They want to test this by having some people use the new margarine for a while and then compare their cholesterol levels with those of a group of people who use regular margarine. This is an example of what type of research design?

intervention study

You see a new finding about nutrition reported in your local newspaper. Based on this information you would

wait to apply the findings until they have been repeated and confirmed by scientists

The main purpose of the national research projects, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) and the Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSFII), is to

determine what the nutrient and dietary intakes of the population in our country are

If you compare the two major nutrition monitoring research projects in this country, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

is the only study that records measures of people's health status

A person with heart disease is told he has to make some changes in his diet and lifestyle practices. He states "I know that I should make changes because my father and brother both died of heart attacks. But, I really like to have my big steaks for dinner." He is in what stage of behavior change?


An individual who blames his weight gain on his wife for cooking all the wrong types of foods may have difficulty with making behavioral changes because his confidence is affected by

an external locus of control

A woman who is trying to lose weight will be more motivated if she considers

the reward of being able to fit into her favorite clothes again

Which of the following foods offers the most nutrients per calorie?


Three ounces of beef stew offers about the same amount of iron as three ounces of water-packed tuna, but the beef contains over 300 calories while the tuna contains about 100 calories. This is an example of

nutrient density

A false story has circulated for several years on the Internet about the chickens used by a popular national fried chicken chain. It claims that the chickens used by the company have been genetically modified to have no heads, beaks, or feet and are kept alive with feeding tubes. This is an example of

an urban legend

A popular star has a half-hour television show describing a new dietary supplement that she claims has made her much healthier. During the show she describes how she has seen improvement in her skin, hair, and eyesight without going to the doctor. This is an example of

an infomercial

An advertisement for a new performance-enhancing supplement is on the Internet. What can you assume about the advertisement for the supplement?

the information needs to be checked for scientific validity and accuracy

You can tell a claim about nutrition is suspect if it bears the following characteristics

it is being made by an advertiser who is paid to make claims

The credential "R.D." displayed by a dietitian's name indicates registration with

the American Dietetic Association

Characteristics of a legitimate and qualified nutrition expert include

graduation from a university after completing a program of dietetics

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