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semester 1

Which of the following best explains why massachusetts bay officials banished Anne Hutchinson?

She challenged gender roles and puritan orthodoxy

Parliament enacted the Stamp Act (1765) primarily to ...

Raise revenue to pay for British troops in the colonies

Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the new world, was founded by...

A joint-stock company anxious to return a profit to investors.

which of the following conditions in England motivated puritans to migrate to new England in the 1630's ...
I. political repression of dissident protestants
II. an economic recession
III. restrictions on puritan religious practices

I, II, and III

which of the following is true of the slave system in eighteenth-century British North America?

Slaveowners gained increased legal power over their slaves

which of the following groups was least likely to respond with enthusiasm to the religious fervor of the great awakening in the 1730s and 1740s?

established merchants in cities like boston and philadelphia

in the colonial period, quakers were known for all of the following except their...

refusal to pay taxes

which of the following was a characteristic of colonial pennsylvania?

there was no established church

the stono rebelion and the now york conspiracy trials of 1741 reveal which of the following?

resistance to slavery

the navigation acts were part of the british policy known as ...


the dutch settled New Netherland primarily to

expand their commercial and mercantile network

in which of the following British North American colonies was slavery legally established by the early 1700s?

all of the colonies

which of the following was true of most puritans who emigrated to seventeenth century New England?

they considered themselves non-separatists

which of the following statements about africans brought as slaves to the british north american colonies was true?

they maintained culture practices brought from africa.

by the 1750s, the british colonies on the north american mainland we characterized by all of the following except...

disdain for british constitutional monarchy

the proclamation of 1763 did which of the following?

set a boundary along the crest of the appalachians beyond which the english colonists were forbidden to settle

which of the following was true of married woman in the colonial era?

she generally lost control of her property when she married

the primary purpose of the stamp act was to...

raise revenues to support british troops stationed in america

which of the following beliefs was central to eighteenth century deism?

god created a universe governed by natural law.

the north american colonies took advantage of great britain's policy of salutary neglect to...

work out trade arrangements to acquire needed products from other countries

which of the following was true of the northeast american indian tribes at the time europeans first began colonization...

their political and linguistic differences hindered their united opposition to the europeans

in the seventeenth century, which of the following was true of slavery in british north america?

the number of slaves increased rapidly in the last quarter of the century

settlers who established the british colony in virginia during the seventeenth century were primarily seeking to

profit economically

which of the following was true of the first great awakening?

it resulted in divisions within both the congregational and presbyterian churches

which of the following moved in greatest numbers into appalachia as the american indians of the regions were defeated?

scotch- irish, german, and english immigrants

the half-way covenant provided for which of the following?

the baptism of children of baptized but unconverted puritans

the system of indentured labor used during the colonial period had which of the following affects?

it enabled poor people to seek opportunity in america

harvard college and yale college were established primarily to...

ensure an adequate supply of ministers

the stamp act crisis was important in the coming of the american revolution for all of the following reasons except...

american patriots realized that british inflexibility made revolution virtually inevitable

the wealthiest people in pre-revolutionsry america were primarily...

northern merchants and southern planters

which of the following most accurately describes the attitude of seventeenth century puritans toward religious liberty/

they tolerated no one whose expressed religious views varied from their own views

which of the following is a correct statement about the use of slave labor in colonial virginia?

it spread rapidly in the late seventeenth century, as blacks displaced white indentured servants in the tobacco fields

the french and indian war was a pivotal point in americas relationship to great britain because it led great britain to...

impose revenue taxes on the colonies

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