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な Adjectives

How to make the Plain Forms of な Adjectives. If you would like to keep track of your individual progress, use the 'copy' button to make a copy of this activity and transfer it to your own Quizlet study sets.
しずか な
quiet (before nouns)
しずか だ
is quiet (present)
しずか だった
was quiet (past)
しずか じゃない
is not quiet (negative)
しずか じゃなかった
was not quiet (past negative)
しずか で
quiet and
てんとうてき な
traditional (before nouns)
てんとうてき だ
is traditional (present)
てんとうてき だった
was traditional (past)
てんとうてき じゃない
is not traditional (negative)
てんとうてき じゃなかった
was not traditional (past negative)
でんとうてき で
traditional and
ゆうめい な
famous (before nouns)
ゆうめい だ
is famous (present)
ゆうめい だった
was famous (past)
ゆうめい じゃない
is not famous (negative)
ゆうめい じゃなかった
was not famous (past negative)
ゆうめい で
famous and
とくい な
good at (before nouns)
とくい だ
is good at (present)
とくい だった
was good at (past)
とくい じゃない
is not good at (negative)
とくい じゃなかった
was not good at (past negative)
とくい で
good at and