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junk food
Despite a huge variety of restaurants selling excellent local dishes, many tourists prefer to eat __________ food. (unhealthy fast food)
air rage
Airlines are reluctant to admit that delays, poor in-flight service and cramped, uncomfortable seating are the cause of air __________ (anger and aggression often directed towards air crew or fellow passengers).
scenic route
The motorway is the quickest way of getting from Paris to Marseilles, but many drivers prefer to take the slower __________ route. (a road that goes through an area of natural beauty)
He's always going on holiday to interesting and exciting places. He's such a globe-__________.(somebody who travels a lot)
Many tourists staying in the area are kept in tourist __________ where they rarely get a chance to meet the local people and experience local culture. (an enclosed resort surrounded by high fences)
Although the flight was fully booked, there were several seats available at the last minute because of no-__________. (people who have booked a seat on an aircraft or in a restaurant, a room in a hotel, etc, and don't arrive)
This hotel is dirty and uncomfortable. It's a real __________! (a dirty, uncomfortable and, usually, cheap hotel)
Dehli belly
I've got bad __________ belly: I shouldn't have had that prawn salad last night. (stomach ache caused by eating unhygienically-prepared food)
thumb a lift
If you miss the last bus, you should take a taxi back to the hotel: Don't try to ________ a lift.
The resort was in the middle of __________, so there was nothing interesting to see or do. (isolated from any towns, villages, etc)
break the bank
Local restaurants are very cheap, so you won't __________ the bank by eating out every night. (spend a lot of money)
living out of a suitcase
I travel a lot on business, so I seem to spend most of my life living out of a __________. (to be away from home a lot)
sea legs
I really enjoyed the cruise, but it took me a few days to find my sea __________. (to adapt to being be on a ship without feeling seasick)
The barman tried to __________-change me: the drink cost £2, I gave him £5 and he only gave me £2 back. (to cheat someone by not giving him the correct money in change)
itchy feet
I hadn't been anywhere for years, and then suddenly I got __________ feet and decided to do some travelling. (a desire to travel and see different places)
travel light
I always try to travel __________ when I go on holiday. I usually just take a very small suitcase and nothing else. (to take very little luggage with you when you travel)
off the beaten track
I don't like staying in busy resorts. I prefer to go somewhere that's off the __________ track. (away from popular areas)
do the sights
When I arrive in a foreign city, I can't wait to __________ the sights. (to go sightseeing)
break the journey
Passengers flying from Britain to Australia often __________ the journey for a day or two in somewhere like Hong Kong or Singapore. (stop somewhere for a short time during a long journey)
culture shock
One of the biggest problems anyone faces when they travel abroad is culture __________. (confusion or anxiety that travellers experience when visiting a different country)
£15 for a hamburger and a plate of fries? What a __________-off! (something that costs too much)
tourist trap
Don't eat in that restaurant. It looks nice from the outside, but it's a real tourist __________. (a place that is in a good location to attract tourists, but is overpriced and generally provides poor service)
a flying visit
Last year we went on a __________ visit to Europe: we did seven capital cities in seven days! (a very short visit)
The manager insisted our trip to Madrid was for business, but everyone knew it was really a__________. (a trip that people pretend is for business, but which is really for relaxation and pleasure.)

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