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Denial of the existence of God
Revealed truth solemnly defined by the church
God's divine life present in our souls
Theological virtue by which one believes God's revelation
Natural Law
Ethical knowledge written on the human heart
Natural Revelation
What can be known about God by studying his creation
Belief in many Gods
Man's intellectual power or faculty
God's communication through his words and deeds
Error that limits human reason to only those things that can be observed and measured
Miraculous appearance of God, a saint, or an angel through which a private revelation may be transmitted.
Agreement between two people e or between a person and God involving mutual commitments and guarantees
Teaching office of the church
Sign, wonder, or event that transcends the laws of nature by divine power
Motive of faith
Why a person believes, the authority of God himself
Motives of Credibility
Evidence that a Revelation has truly come from God and is, therefor without error
Object of faith
what a person believes: God himself and all the truths he reveals to us
Original Sin
Disobedience committed by our first parents and passed down to all of their descendants
A person who speaks to others in the name of God
Word of God
Sacred scripture; also the second person of the blessed trinity, Jesus Christ
Incapable of error; applies to the Magisterium in matters of Faith and morals
Ecumenical Council
Gathering of bishops from all over the world presided by the pope to address issues concerning the whole church
Sacred Tradition
Revelation handed on from Christ to the Apostles and to the modern era through the church
Allegorical Sense
spiritual sense which uses persons or events as "types" which prefigure future events of salvation themes
Sacred Scripture
Word of God communicated by inspired authors of the Old and New Testaments
Apostolic Succession
Historical linage of each bishop back to St. Peter
Fathers of the Church
early Christian writers whose writing faithfully transmitted and illuminated the Faith
Anagogical Sense
Spiritual sense that builds up our faith and hope in going to Heaven Examples found in the book of revelation
Deposit of Faith
Contains Sacred Revelation and is located in Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture
Divine Revelation
God reveals or uncovers himself with the assistance of supernatural means (Graces) between Reason alone
Gift of the Holy Spirit by which a human author was able to write a biblical book; therefor, God is the primary author of sacred Scripture
Greek and Latin for rule. Assisting in practicing the faith or governing the church fairly, refers to the church's complete list of inspired books of the bible
The study of ancestry, genealogies of Jesus are part of the Gospels of St. Matthew and Luke as evidence that Jesus is in the ancestral line of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David, fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies about the messiah
Septuagint - 3rd century BC Greek translation of the scriptures (Old Testament) Translation was accepted by the early Christians as an authoritative and inspired translation of Sacred Scripture
Latin word for common the name of St. Jerome translation of the bible from its original language into common Latin by St. Jerome a new vulgate bible was published with the approval of the magisterium in 1979
Greek meaning 5 books referring to the Torah, the first five books of the Old testament: Gn, Ex, Lv, Nm, and Dt
proclaiming the euangellion or gospel (good news) . Sts. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John each produced a gospel, it is an early life of Christ stressing the good news contained in his ministry and teachings. In sense, anyone who works to spread and promote the gospel
Parts of the Old Testament that were removed from the Jewish or Hebrew canon of scripture but appear in the Septuagint (the Greek translation) used by the early Christians
Analogy of Faith
God is truth, absolute unity and coherence of truths
A letter addressed to a person or people. Much of the New Testament consists of epistles written to individuals, to congregations, or to the church as a whole.
telling stories in a similar way, (seeing together