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Chapter: 6


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Temperature is related mostly to the _________
average molecular kinetic energy in a substance
The lowest temperature possible in nature is
A volume of air has a temperature of 0°C. An equal volume of air that is twice as hot has a
The reason that the white-hot sparks that strike your skin form a 4th-of-July-type sparkler don't harm you is because
the energy per molecule is high, but the total energy transferred is small
Pour a liter of water at 40°C into a liter of water at 20°C and the final temperature of the two becomes
at or about 30°C
It is possible to wholly convert a given amount of heat energy into mechanical energy
Blow on your hand with your open mouth and you feel the warmth of your breath. Pucker your lips so your breath expands as you blow and your breath is
When 100 J of heat is added to a system that performs 60 J of work, the thermal energy change of
When work is done by a system and no heat added to it, the temperature of the system
Two identical blocks of iron, one at 10°C and the other at 20°C, are put in contact. Suppose the cooler block cools to 5°C and the warmer block warms to 25°C. This would violate the
second law of thermodynamics
On a chilly 10°C day, your friend who likes cold weather, wishes it were twice as cold. Taken literally, this temperature would be
Consider a piece of metal that is at 5°C. If it is heated until it has twice the thermal energy, its temperature will be
A container of air is at atmospheric pressure and 27°C. To double the pressure in the container, it should be heated to
Entropy is closely related to the
second law of thermodynamics
Which of the following normally warms up faster when heat is applied
Some molecules are able to absorb large amounts of energy in the form of internal vibrations and rotations. Materials composed of such molecules have
high specific heat capacities
Aluminum has a specific heat capacity more than twice that of copper. Place equal masses of aluminum and copper wire in a flame and the one to undergo the fastest increase in temperature
As a piece of metal with a hole in it cools, the diameter of the hole
When a bimetallic bar made of copper and iron strips is heated , the bar bends toward the iron strip. The reason for this is
copper expands more than iron
Which of the following expands most when the temperature is lowered? Equal volumes of
water at 4°C
Which of the following contracts most when the temperature is slightly increased? Equal volumes of
ice water
During a very cold winter, water pipes sometimes burst. The reason for this is
water expands when freezing
Ice has a lower density than water because ice
is made of open-structured, hexagonal crystals
Before ice can form on a lake, all the water in the lake must be cooled to
The temperature at the°bottom of Lake Tahoe, high in the Sierra Mountains in California, at this moment is
exactly 4°C