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in the hope of eternal life in heaven

People who lived in the early Dark Ages sought their happiness

their awareness of the power of the devil

The people's dependence on God was balanced by

emphasized the sense of mystery surrounding the sacrament

The Eucharist celebration of the Mass in the Eastern Church

performed in public

In the 6th century, typically the sacrament of reconciliation was

the Latin term missa, which was used in the farewell that ended the celebration

The Eucharistic celebration was called Mass, a term derived from

small barbarian kingdoms became established within the empire

As a result of the weakening leadership in the Western Empire of the 400s

the control of activities normally considered the domain of the church

The emperors of the East extended their rule to include

his need for the stability and peace the Catholic church could provide

Theodoric's religious tolerance can be attributed to


The Frankish lands were acquired and consolidated under the leadership of

were persecuted for succeeding in a business Christians considered immoral

Jews before and during Justinian's reign

the Hagia Sophia

The great church rebuilt by Justinian is

established monasteries throughout Ireland

Patrick's unique approach was to

Ireland was isolated from the trouble and disruption that plagued Europe at that time

A unique and valuable kind of Christianity flourished in Ireland partially because

her resistance to an arranged marriage
her foundation of a double monastery
her choice of a single life devoted to God and service to humankind

Brigid was a remarkable figure in the church during the Dark Ages because of

its common sense and balance

The Rule of St. Benedict is noted for

none of the above

In addition to being selected Pope by the people, Gregory was also elected

making alliances and opening the possibility of conversion

In dealing with the barbarian tribes, Gregory set the church on a course of

that there is one God, and Allah is his name

The central belief of Islam is

the more frequent conversions of people to Islam

The Muslim practice of requiring conquered non-Muslims to pay taxes led to

the persecution and oppression of the Jews by Christians made Muslim rule attractive

The Jewish people in Spain were willing to cooperate with the Muslim conquerors because

Charles Martel

The Muslim conquest did not reach beyond Spain in the West because of the resistance of the armies led by

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