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History Midterm Chinese Dynasties

Why is the Middle Kingdom the nickname of the chinese?
because they consider themselves to be the center of the owrld and they are above other civilizations but not as high as heaven
What are animal bones and tourtoise shells in which priests would scratch questions for the gods?
oracle bones
What did the Mandate of heaven state?
if a leader did not progress and remain pure then you must be replaced as emperor
The Great wall was begun and Qin made___their capital.
What was the Civil Service and Silk Road under?
Who was the Mandate of heaven under?
What was the Middle Kingdom under?
What was the Great Wal under?
Where did the Silk Road export goods to and from?
Chinese products to the Middle East (Europe)
What established a meritocracy where anyone could take the exam
Civil Service
What did the Civil Service add to?
the social and economic stability of China
What was made under the Tang?
the prinitng press
What was foot binding and who was it under?
The Sung and it was used to keep women in their place
Who was the Mongol warrior?
Genghis Khan
What marked the end of the Mongol advance?
Mongke Khan's reign
What land was held by the Mongols?
Russia, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Siberia, and Korea
Who built the Imperial Palace?
What is known as the Forbidden City?
the Imperial Palace