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  1. Great Britain
  2. Oliver Cromwell
  3. Battle of Saratoga
  4. Arthur Zimmerman
  5. superior
  1. a Many Westerners viewed European races as _____ to all others.
  2. b Leader of the Roundheads in the English Civil War
  3. c France lost Canada to _______ in 1763.
  4. d ________ sent a telegram to Mexico asking for support- offering to help Mexico re-conquer Texas, etc.
  5. e Battle that convinced the French to join the American side

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  1. Which of the following caused the population boom of the 1700s?
  2. _______ countries that remained out of the war were Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
  3. Westerners had a _____ with China when they bought more from China than they sold to them.
  4. What is the place where workers and machines were brought together to produce goods?
  5. What group conquered the former Roman province of Gaul?

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  1. Witch huntsWhat was the result of the Catholic reformation?


  2. Hague______ Tribunal was set up to act as world court to settle disputes between nations.


  3. KoreaJapan gained control of _____ in the Russo-Japanese war.


  4. HomerA collection of prayers, hymns, and religious teachers are _____


  5. Balkan powder kegAt the ____________, European powers agreed on how they would claim African territory without fighting amongst themselves.


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