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  1. Urbanization
  2. Marne
  3. oil
  4. Conscription
  5. Thomas Becket
  1. a __________- the draft- all nations except Britain imposed this.
  2. b Archbishop of Canterbury who opposed trials for the clergy
  3. c The Industrial Revolution brought rapid __________.
  4. d At the Battle of ______ - British and French troops defeated Germany.
  5. e The discovery of ____ in Iran in the early 1900's heightened foreign interest in the region.

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  1. Bismark was a master of ______ when evaluating the needs of the state.
  2. Philosopher who taught that good conduct meant following a moderate course between extremes.
  3. Enlightenment thinkers who looked for natural laws to define a rational economic system
  4. What best explains why the Renaissance occurred in northern Europe later than in Italy?
  5. Why was the Battle of Tours significant?

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  1. colonizedEuropean powers ______ almost the entire African continent.


  2. sepoyThe British East India Company required Indian soldiers, called _____, in its service.


  3. GermanyThis country divided into many small states as a result of the Thirty Years' War


  4. Mesopotamia_______ - the great powers expanded their armies and navies, creating an arms race- this further increased suspicions and made war more likely.


  5. penalIn 1788, Britain turned Austria into a _____ colony.