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  1. Urbanization
  2. Alliance
  3. Guttenburg
  4. Total war
  5. France
  1. a _______ - channeling of a nation's entire resources into a war effort.
  2. b The Industrial Revolution brought rapid __________.
  3. c Which European country gained holdings in Africa that were the size of the continental United States?
  4. d Inventor of the printing press and produced a complete edition of the Bible
  5. e Cortes arranged ______ with the discontented Aztecs.

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  1. ____________ was called the "father of modern Egypt".
  2. He charted a passage around the southern tip of South American and went around the globe
  3. Karl Marx believed that the _______ would triumph over the bourgeoisie.
  4. A term meaning Spanish conqueror
  5. An anointed king sent by God

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  1. AnarchistPerson who wants to abolish all government...


  2. ConscriptionA term meaning Spanish conqueror


  3. MummificationA complex and highly organized social order.


  4. CabotHe discovered Newfoundland


  5. Arthur Zimmerman________ sent a telegram to Mexico asking for support- offering to help Mexico re-conquer Texas, etc.