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  1. Alliance
  2. Victor Hugo
  3. Domesday Book
  4. Mystic
  5. Caste
  1. a Who wrote Les Miserables?
  2. b People who devoted their lives to seeking spiritual truth
  3. c Cortes arranged ______ with the discontented Aztecs.
  4. d A complex system of social groups into which people are born, and they cannot change
  5. e Survey used for taxation

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  1. Why was the Battle of Tours significant?
  2. Competition for _____ brought countries to the brink of war.
  3. A lessening of punishment for sin
  4. Person who wants to abolish all government...
  5. The Aryans were ________ people

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  1. RepublicIn 1788, Britain turned Austria into a _____ colony.


  2. Sate's generalOne of the causes of imperialism was that manufacturers wanted access to ________.


  3. Germany and the USWhat natural resources gave Britain an advantage in the Industrial Revolution?


  4. MosquePeople who devoted their lives to seeking spiritual truth


  5. direct rulePerson who flees his or her homeland to seek safety elsewhere...