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  1. Emancipated the serfs
  2. Physiocrat
  3. Elizabeth I
  4. Social Darwinism
  5. Exchequer
  1. a __________ saw imperial conquest as nature's way of improving the human species.
  2. b A turning point in Russian history occurred in 1861 when Alexander II...
  3. c Treasury for collecting taxes
  4. d Enlightenment thinkers who looked for natural laws to define a rational economic system
  5. e Queen of England who encouraged sea captains to plunder Spanish treasure ships

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  1. Nickname for Otto von Bismark...
  2. In the _______ angry Chinese attacked foreigners across China.
  3. ___________ set up to recognize individual peaceful efforts.
  4. The French practiced ______, sending officials to administer their colonies.
  5. Egyptian form of picture writing

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  1. CartographerA mapmaker is called


  2. HuguenotsHe defeated Mark Antony to become the first citizen


  3. utilitarianismThose who preached ______ believed society should try to make happy as many people as possible.


  4. Thomas JeffersonIn the _______ angry Chinese attacked foreigners across China.


  5. Black DeathBubonic plague that killed 1/3 of the population of Europe