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  1. reparations
  2. Battle of Yorktown
  3. Old Stone Age
  4. Great Britain
  5. Thomas Becket
  1. a The treaty imposed huge ______ upon Germany.
  2. b Archbishop of Canterbury who opposed trials for the clergy
  3. c France lost Canada to _______ in 1763.
  4. d The earliest period of human history.
  5. e Battle that ended the British war effort

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  1. The Industrial Revolution brought rapid __________.
  2. Westerners had a _____ with China when they bought more from China than they sold to them.
  3. Group of colonial leaders who made decisions during the American revolution
  4. ____________- treaty that forced Germany to assume full blame for the war.
  5. Japan gained control over the island of _____.

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  1. utilitarianismKarl Marx believed that the _______ would triumph over the bourgeoisie.


  2. CortezBlind poet who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey


  3. ChinaAt the Battle of ______ - British and French troops defeated Germany.


  4. Black DeathBubonic plague that killed 1/3 of the population of Europe


  5. MosqueAt the Battle of ______ - British and French troops defeated Germany.