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  1. Indulgency
  2. colonies
  3. Astrolabe
  4. Pogrom
  5. It was a threat to traditional ways of life
  1. a Why did the Hapsburgs try to limit industrial growth?
  2. b Competition for _____ brought countries to the brink of war.
  3. c An instrument used to determine latitude at sea
  4. d Violent mob attack on Jews...
  5. e A lessening of punishment for sin

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  1. Karl Marx believed that the _______ would triumph over the bourgeoisie.
  2. The US issued the ______ in 1823 which states that the American continents were no longer open to colonization by any European power.
  3. Inventor of the printing press and produced a complete edition of the Bible
  4. In 1788, Britain turned Austria into a _____ colony.
  5. The first system of writing was _______.

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  1. ChivalryHe conquered Peru


  2. Women's suffrageAfter the death of Muhammad, the Islamic faith split into 2 divisions


  3. TexasMexico viewed the annexation of _____ as a declaration of war.


  4. ExchequerBlind poet who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey


  5. HuguenotsHe explored the west coast of Africa