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  1. Textiles
  2. Parliament
  3. Communism
  4. Maria Theresa
  5. Allah
  1. a A radical form of socialism is called _____.
  2. b First woman to rule the Hapsburg lands
  3. c English form of government
  4. d God of the Islam faith
  5. e In what industry did the Industrial Revolution first take hold?

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  1. How did Henry the VIII react when the Pope refused to annul his marriage?
  2. Where did the ideas for the constitution originate?
  3. At the ____________, European powers agreed on how they would claim African territory without fighting amongst themselves.
  4. What ocean is to the west of Africa?
  5. _______ built a steamboat that traveled at speeds of more than five miles per hour.

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  1. PatricianWhat ocean is to the east of Africa?


  2. Louis XIVFrench king who built the Palace of Versailles


  3. FranceWhich European country gained holdings in Africa that were the size of the continental United States?


  4. Monroe DoctrinePhilosopher who taught that good conduct meant following a moderate course between extremes.


  5. HieroglyphicsEgyptian form of picture writing