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  1. Which of the following four objects or persons in NOT accelerating?
  2. A planet at inferior conjunction is always
  3. In the system of celestial coordinates that matches latitude and longitude on the Earth, which in the coordinate that is equivalent to longitude?
  4. the energy flux, F, from a star is the amount of
  5. Why were Newton's three laws so important to astronomy?
  1. a Right ascension
  2. b energy emitted by each square meter of the star's surface each second.
  3. c Newton's laws showed that planets can move around the Sun by themselves forever, without coming to rest.
  4. d Olympic swimmer exerting considerable force to maintain a constant speed in a straight line through the water.
  5. e closer to the Earth than the Sun is.

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  1. The star is moving rapidly away from Earth.
  2. are 88 in number and cover the entire sky.
  3. path traced out by the Sun in our sky over one year against the background stars.
  4. The air molecules scatter blue light better than red light, so more blue light reaches our eyes.
  5. point where the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward in its path across the sky.

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  1. The scientific method is a major force in science, and theories describing physical phenomena have been developed with the aim of ensuring thatat all wavelengths, with a peak at one particular wavelength (color).


  2. The hot, dense gas existing on the Sun emits energyopposition.


  3. The charged-coupled device, now used extensively for astronomical imaging, works on what principle?Sun-centered, with the planets moving in perfect circles around the Sun.


  4. What is the main reason for using several radio telescopes together as an interferometer?to obtain much better angular resolution or sharpness in the images.


  5. According to Newton's laws, a for must be acting wheneverNewton's laws showed that planets can move around the Sun by themselves forever, without coming to rest.


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