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In addition to proper lifting techniques, what else can you do to reduce the likelihood of an injury?
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How should the wrists be positioned at a workstation?Should not rest while typing.How should the lower back be positioned at a workstation?supported by the chairHow should the legs be positioned at a workstation?horizontallyHow should the feet be positioned at a workstation?Resting flat on the floor or footrestThe height of the keyboard and mouse should allow your hands to _______ on the keyboard or mouse with your forearms using the _______ for support.rest lightly, chair armrestsThere should be a _______ angle between your upper arm and forearm, and your wrists should be _______.90-degree, straightWhen should a wrist rest be used?only while taking a break from typing as it increases pressure on the wristThe monitor should be placed so that your eyes are at least _______ from the screen and the top edge of the screen is _______ eye level.an arm's length, slightly belowApproximately every _______ , allow your eyes to refocus on another object at least _______ away.20 minutes, 25 feetWhat are the four types of electrical injuries?electrocution (fatal), electric shock, burns, and falls caused as a result of contact with electrical energyAs little as _______ of an ampere of electricity going through the body for just _______ is enough to cause death.1/10, 2 secondsWhat are the three rules to follow when working with electrical equipment?1) Never tamper with electrical equipment. 2) Follow prescribed procedures. Electrical devices should be periodically inspected for safety. Damaged or worn electric cords should be replaced immediately. 3) Always know where the main power switch and/or circuit breakers are located, and know how to use them.If you are unable to disconnect power to an electrical hazard, what other action can you take to assist a shock victim?Separate the victim from the hazard as soon as possible without endangering yourself.If someone is exposed to an electric shock hazard, it is important to remember _______ and _______ as soon as possible.not to touch the victim, remove them from the electrical hazardWhen should you report a hazard?When you identify an unsafe condition and can't immediately correct the hazardHow do you report hazards to the safety office?Using AF Form 457, USAF Hazard Report, by telephone, or in personWhat are the three R's in regards to an individual's responsibility for safety?Recognize, Report, and Reduce safety hazardsGood physical health and what can prevent muscle strain and increase movement?Stretching