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y'all have fun with this now y'ear?

salivary enzyme - salivary amylase

begins carbohydrate digestion by breaking down starch & glycogen to disaccharides


this gastric enzyme begins protein digestion

trypsin, chymotrypsin

pancreatic enzymes that break down proteins into peptides


pancreatic enzyme that breaks down peptides into amino acids


pancreatic enzyme that breaks down nucleic acids into nucleotides

pancreatic amylase

pancreatic enzyme that breaks down starch & glycogen into disaccharides

pancreatic lipase

pancreatic enzyme that breaks down fats into fatty acids and glycerol

intestinal lipase, intestinal enzymes

peptidase, sucrase, maltase, lactase, enterokinase, & _____ are _____.

salivary amylase & pancreatic amylase

enzymes that break down starch & glycogen into dissaccharides (they have different sources though)

mucosal cells

the source of all 6 intestinal enzyems

amino acids

peptidase (intestinal enzyme) breaks down peptides into _____.

sucrase, maltase, lactase

intestinal enzymes that break down disaccharides & monosaccharides


intestinal lipase breaks down fats into fatty acids and _____.


this intestinal enzyme shortens trypsinogen into trypsin

gastric lipase

begins butterfat digestion

carboxypeptidase & peptidase

enzymes that break down peptides into amino acids (they have different sources though)

salivary enzymes & gastric enzymes

BEGIN DIGESTION of a substrate

pancreatic enzymes & intestinal enzymes

BREAK DOWN substrates


_____ is the source for the enzymes trypsin & chymotrypsin

carboxypeptidase & nucleases

the source of these 2 enzymes is the pancreas, they do not break down the same substrate though

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