14 terms

Poli 201 #3

sound bite
a short attention-grabbing phrase that summarizes a position is called a
What type of media is most important but not the mist popular source of news
what media is regulated by the federal government
approximately what % of daily newspapers is owned by large media
the internet
Most local newspaper get their national news from
the corporate consolidation of news media into a small number of conglomerates
what trend has helped hasten the homogenization of national news in the past decade
the right of rebuttal
the supreme court case Red lion Broadcasting company v FCC upheld
an electoral realignment
what occurs when one party becomes dominant after replacing another party that has dominated national politics for a lengthy period of time
a divided government
what occurs when one party controls the presidency while another party controls one or both houses of congress
from 1896 to 1932 the which was the nation's majority party
religious conservatives and working-class whites
During the 1980s under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, which two groups did the republican party add to their coalition
single-member electoral districts
one important cause of the united states' two party system is
somewhat more likely to support: Democractic
women in the united states are _ the _ party
the wealthy
which group is most likely to support the republican party