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  1. syn. potion
  2. Scottish philosopher and magician
  3. astrologer of forlí
  4. the twisted souls are _______
  5. Greek seer who accompanied Agamemnon to troy

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  1. TiresiasBlind seer-Theban prophet. Found two snakes intertwined and hit 'em with a stick and then was a woman for seven years and then hit 'em again and got changed back


  2. AugurThe city built on the site where Manto lived, Virgil's native city


  3. Mantua"the cruel witch maiden"


  4. The Trojan Warwhen "the land was quite emptied of males"


  5. Amphiaraüsone of the seven against Thebes forsaw his death and tried to escape but got swallowed up by an earthquake